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We Need Your Help! Win a Free Ralphie Report Shirt!

Now that The Ralphie Report has found it's permanent home here on SBNation, we want to create some gameday t-shirts to give away to readers and fans at the CU games to help get the word out about the site.  As of right now we are thinking a black t-shirt with the site address on the back, but we are drawing a blank on what to put on the front.

That's where you come in!  What would you like the front of the shirt to say?  Give us your ideas and we will choose the best one and give you a FREE shirt with your design on it.  We have no limitations other than we don't want it to be profane since it will have the site name on the back and we don't want it to focus on a specific game so that it can be worn all year long (or at least until it's to cold for t-shirts).

We'd like to have these ready for the West Virginia game so either leave your ideas in the comments section or email us at by Friday, August 29th.