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11 Days, 1 Hour to Kickoff

Some interesting picks here by Like we said earlier this week, they have the Buffs going 6 - 6 with a win over Texas and losses to Nebraska and Texas A&M. Looking at the rest of the Big 12 predictions, they have a few shockers like Iowa State going 6 - 6 beating Nebraska, Texas A&M and Oklahoma State? Kansas State beats Oklahoma and Nebraska to go 7 - 5? All I have to say about Nebraska is they are thanking the man upstairs for home games against Western Michigan, San Jose State and New Mexico State to start the season to get bowl eligible but something tells me that Virginia Tech and Colorado won't be easy wins for the Huskers. Oklahoma loses to Oklahoma State and Kansas State? I know that they don't want to pick a team to be undefeated but have OU lose to Texas or Kansas. Looking at the schedules, there is a strong possibility of Oklahoma and/or Missouri going undefeated if OU keeps their dominance at home and over Texas. Missouri looks to have the best chance in the Big 12 at getting through the season unblemished. also put out a smorgasbord of other Big 12 preseason rankings. They have Darrell Scott getting second team All Conference with Demarco Murray of Oklahoma. They are predicting Geroge Hypolite will get the nod as a first team defensive lineman. They also ranked each unit in the Big 12. Eere is how the Buffs finished in their preseason rankings

  • Offense - 10th
  • Quarterback - 10th (Stephen McGee 3 positions higher than Cody Hawkins?)
  • Running Backs - 6th
  • Wide Receivers - 11th (wow, that is low - they won't be 11th come seasons end)
  • Offensive Line - 10th (they are unproven but shouldn't be 10th come seasons end)
  • Defense - 7th (might be high)
  • Defensive Line - 8th
  • Linebackers - 4th (glad to see this solid core got some respect)
  • Defensive Backs - 6th (they must really like our safeties)
  • Special Teams - 7th

Gotta love preseason opinions. I am excited to get on with the real season so we can start talking about what actually happened and not what might happen!

In case you didn't have a minor heart attack from my note a little while ago, Darrell Scott sprained his thumb and left practice. Scott said not to worry and that he will be at practice tonight.

2009 CU Buff commit QB Clark Evans (6'5" 225 lbs) is now going to play defense for his Los Alamitos high school team on special passing occasions to aid the pass rush. At first glance, we might not like this but it might be a great opportunity to see what he is better at. He looks like a strong athlete that might be a perfect fit for LB or DE. With what seems like 10 QB's on the current active roster and other QB recruit Jordan Wynn coming in, this might be a chance to get an athlete on the field quicker.