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2008 Draft Class Review - Terrence Wheatley

In continuance of our series that we started on our old site, we will be checking in on the 2007 Buffs NFL draft picks and free agent signings to see how they are doing in the NFL. We already looked at Jordan Dizon's start at the end of July. We will probably have to circle back around to review Dizon later in the preseason as most of the talk was about his DUI a couple days before the draft and his late arrival to camp due to contract negotiations. Today we will look at the electric CB/PR Terrence Wheatley.

Terrence Wheatley (T-Wheat) - Cornerback/Returner / 2nd Round Draft Pick

New England Patriots

No one expected Terrence Wheatley to be a second round pick when draft day rolled around. We had Wheatley slotted in the 3rd round as the best case scenario and more likely a fourth or fifth round pick. But in a surprising turn of events, the New England Patriots called Terrence's name in the 2nd round. . What a great fit for a former Buff. If you were coming out of college and were looking at what teams you would want to play for in terms of being successful and having a great NFL career, New England would have to be in your top 3. How about learning while trying to cover Randy Moss and Wes Welker with Tom Brady slinging it your way? Sounds like a dream situation for a talented corner and so far Wheatley has not disappointed.

Wheatley has been a surprise in camp with many having doubts that he shouldn't have been a second round draft pick. With injuries to Jason Webster and Ellis Hobbs, Wheatley has found himself contending for a possible starting spot and pretty much has the nickel spot locked up. In his first game against the Ravens, Wheatley led the team in tackles with 4. According to this report, Wheatley played almost the entire game and "more than held his own." The Patriots are extremely high on the entire draft class with the two headliners being Jerrod Mayo and Wheatley. Here is a good interview from the Sun Chronicle of Wheatley and his day to day grind against Randy Moss.


The Buffs sure would like to have Terrence back this year. With Jimmy Smith injured and Ben Burney out for the season, cornerback may be the weakest position on the 2008 team. I never thought I would say this but Wheatley will probably be missed more than Dizon due to the lack of depth at corner. How great did T-Wheat play against Tech and CSU last year? Those were superstar performances.