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Will The Rocky Mountain Showdown Cease to Exist?

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Here are some links to get you through the rest of the afternoon.

It looks like Coach Hawkins makes the All Time College Football Team Composed of Active Football Coaches by default. What was supposed to be an "honor" has turned into a little bit of a shot by the Bleacher Report:

"RB: Dan Hawkins (Colorado)

UC Davis (1978-1982): Played fullback for the Aggies but had no speed.  No, the real reason he is starting at RB for this team is that no college coach was a running back. PLEASE Lawrence Phillips, take over a program."

The Buffs get some headline news in The Oklahoman as they provide a breakdown of the Big 12 nine days before Iowa State kicks off the season. Let's hope the Big 12 represents the conference a little better than they did last year after losing to Kent State and Northern Iowa. I have them beating South Dakota State in a Big 12 suicide would think I would have learned after last year's debacle.

Tim Griffin of ESPN shows Ryan Miller some love, naming him the #4 ranked offensive lineman in the Big 12 behind the two monsters from OU, Loadholt and Robinson, and Vasquez from Texas Tech. Look for CU center Daniel Sanders to crack this list come seasons end.

The Rocky Mountain Showdown contract negotiations are going...rocky. There is a stalemate on a deadline contract extension that is supposed to be signed before the two teams meet in less than two weeks. One of the big issues is CU's desire to play the game in Boulder. CSU and CU both make more money playing the game in Denver but CU wants to be able to commit to six home games for its new luxury suite owners. Should the Buffs toss the contract in the trash and move on? In the upcoming days we will headline this issue. Sounds like ticket sales are going well.

LB BJ Beatty and CB Cha'pelle Brown have broken bones, Hawkins should be cranking out the depth chart Wednesday and preparation for the Rams begins Thursday. No need to read the article now!

CBSSportsline has put out their preview of the Big 12. Nothing groundbreaking except for the fact that he has Iowa State possibly going winless...better change my pick mentioned above.