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15 Days Until...

Still getting used to the new digs and trying to make everything perfect. I did notice that we hadn't yet posted a picture on the new home of the Buffs and got me thinking about who or what should be the first picture on the site. It's a tough decision that's led to some pondering. You are probably saying, "Get a life, Irish." Well when it is 50 degrees and pouring outside in Denver, you've got time to reflect. Back to the task at hand - It's got to be a great action shot of a player, right but which one? On our old site in the most recent poll, Cody Hawkins ran away with honor of the most crucial player to the Buffs success so he seems like an obvious choice but what about Darrell Scott, the anointed next great Buff running back, but he hasn't even take a snap yet. Well, there will be many pictures posted along with other great info but I thought of one picture that is one of the coolest images I have seen in a long time and should get you Buff fans excited for the battles that will take place in our colosseum. Enjoy the links below.



TE Riar Geer is one happy Buff. After spending 36 hours in jail this summer, I am guessing two-a-days in the heat of summer seem like a breeze. Riar definitely looks like the real deal and the other TE's on the roster don't even seem close. I think Geer can sneak in the mix with Gresham, Coffman and Pettigrew as the top TE's in the Big 12. Good thing for the Buffs that he still has one more year.

Like I said in the opener, it's been like a monsoon in the Denver Metro area. The Buffs have been braving the weather and getting some good experience practicing with a wet ball and sloppy conditions. You could easily see the game in Jacksonville versus Florida State turning into a muggy, wet weather affair. Having a couple of days of practice in inclement weather should only help the Buffs prepare for the season.

Check out this good story about potential starting guard Devin Head. There is a good reason he looks like he hasn't bathed in what looks like 8 years. The Buffs need Head to step up. I think Bryce Givens, Shawn Daniels and Max Tuioti-Mariner are capable of being excellent college football players but Head has experience and the Buffs have the ability to be very potent with a strong offensive line.

Not to jump on Kansas but they released their schedule for the 2009 season and well, it looks a lot like the 2007 schedule. All we heard from the Kansas coaches last year was them calling out the media for questioning their schedule. Kansas is a good team, they beat Virginia Tech and deserved all the accolades they received but until they start scheduling quality non-conference teams, they are going to continue to get called out. How are they going to rationalize Northern Colorado, UTEP, Duke and Southern Mississippi. Luckily, they are going to have their hands full with @Colorado, Oklahoma, @Texas Tech, Nebraska, Missouri and @Texas in the conference slate.

Check out this Big 12 Quarterback Ranker on Vote and then you will see how delusional Texas A&M fans are in voting McGee the 7th best quarterback in the conference. Surprised Nebraska nation doesn't have Ganz #1.

Tim Griffin of discusses the transition from the power Big 8 to the explosive Big 12.

The trifecta of pre-season rankings has been completed. The AP has released their Top 25 and Georgia is now the official choice of the "experts" to win the National Championship. has released their Colorado Buffaloes 2008 Football preview. They have the Buffs pegged at 6 - 6 going 6 -1 at home and not winning one single away game. They have CU beating Texas and losing to Texas A&M and Nebraska.

Thanks to Roll 'Bama Roll and Double-T Nation for getting us the recruit tracker on the left side of the page. Now we just need some more signings to fill it out.