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Here Comes the Weekend Links

Hello Buffs Nation! Glad to be here on and to all you fans, welcome home. No need to look any where else for Buffs information.  Ever since we saw the site, we thought it was a great idea (one we wish we would have thought of) and had to find a way to get on it. So, today we have finally made the cut and are now representing all Buff fans out there who haven’t had a voice on sbnation until now. Like Woodrow said in our opening post, we want this site to be very interactive because we know there are a lot of knowledgeable Buffs fans out there. We want to mold this site into the one stop shop that will combine those of you who before were either message board fans or blog fans. We can now offer you both and we hope to be the best there is for CU sports.

Here is what has been happening over the past couple of days in the world of the Buffaloes.

Well, I guess someone has to be the backup quarterback. I found it humorous that at the beginning of the year there was some rumor that the quarterback job was open competition as if Cody Hawkins didn’t do enough to win the job last year. Watching practice this training camp, the competition wasn’t even close, in fact, you have to be scared if Cody were to go down with an injury if the Buffs would even win 3 games this year. It looks like Matt Ballenger will draw the honor of “lets hope you only play if we are up 30” and seeing how that isn’t going to happen much this year, hopefully Ballenger doesn’t see the field at all. It would be a rude introduction to the Darrell Scott era.

We have beaten the University of Florida in something. ACL injury count – Florida 5, Colorado 3. The most recent ACL injury was to former Colorado prep star and #1 ranked recruit in the state, LB Jon Major. Similar to all of the other ACL injuries this year, Hawkins calls this one a fluke with no contact involved. Although Major was a highly touted recruit, he probably had a red-shirt in his sights without an injury. That being said, we still would have liked Major to see the field and learn the defense by participating, not watching. Here is some more regarding Major’s injury from the Denver Post.

Have we mentioned that the Big 12 quarterback situation looks pretty decent yet? Just in case you need a refresher.

The Sporting News released their Big 12 review and placed the Buffs to be 3rd in the North ahead of the Huskers who have recently garnered tons of optimism. Make sure to check out their links for their all-conference teams, top NFL prospects in the Big 12 and projected finish. Speaking of The Sporting News, check out this little blurb about D Scott.

The surprise team in the North will be…Colorado. According to Ivan Maisel of, the Buffs will be a team to be reckoned with this year:

4. The surprise team in the Big 12 North will be Colorado. The Buffs are experienced and young -- always a good combination. Colorado freshman tailback Darrell Scott, who rushed for 86 yards on 14 carries in the opening scrimmage on Monday -- all with a sore groin -- and sophomore quarterback Cody Hawkins are going to make each other very, very good.

The lone defensive line battle is heating up as we are only a little over 2 weeks away from kick off at Invesco Field. The Daily Camera put out this synopsis of the situation and it sounds like Herrod, Brace and Obi all have a good chance at starting the first game. My guess is that Herrod would be named the man with Obi a close second. Obi had a great practice the day I was there so he might be more of the 3rd down rusher that the Buffs desperately need to get pressure on the opposing quarterback.

Bloggin with the Buffs on brings us Ralphie Report favorite, LB Shaun Mohler.