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Welcome to the New Ralphie Report

Both Irish and I are extremely excited to welcome you to the new and improved Ralphie Report.  You can expect the same commentary, analysis and viewpoints that you have come to expect from the old site with the addition of a large number of new features, most of which increase the level of interaction and feedback that you, the reader, can provide.

So take a look around, dig in and play with all of the new features that our new location brings.  FanPosts allow you to create threads on the topics that are on your mind and FanShots help you to quickly and easily share aricles, quotes, pictures and video from other sites.  Once the season starts (and it's oh so close now...) you will find the software allows for fantastic interaction on the game threads, automatically refreashing and adding new comments and keeping the unread ones highlighted.

We hope you enjoy the new location.  As always, please feel free to email us at with any comments or suggestions.