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How Did Dan Hawkins Vote in the Final Coaches Poll?

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I think it is funny to look at this stuff. I had to pick three others who I thought were interesting picks as well but there are plenty more. I have concluded that Tyrone Willingham wants a job at Missouri (ranked Mizzou #11th, ended up 23rd), Gary Pinkel's house got robbed by the Mountain West and WAC (ranked Boise, TCU and Utah pretty low), Rick Nueheisel really voted USC ahead of Oklahoma, which he rated fourth. That PAC 10 was really tough this year!  I guess Rick learned about that USC Monopoly and then became a Pete Carrol servant. Slicker also had Iowa, Florida State and leaving Pitt and Missouri out of the top 25. Willingham also won't make any friends in Texas fan who is looking to pillage anything and anyone right about now. Lock your doors tonight if you live next to a Texas fan. see how Hawkins and the rest of the coaches voted after the jump...

Rank Coaches Poll Hawkins Nueheisel Pinkel Willingham
1 Oklahoma Oklahoma Texas Oklahoma Oklahoma
2 Florida Texas Florida Texas Florida
3 Texas Florida USC Florida USC
4 Alabama Alabama Oklahoma Alabama Texas
5 USC USC Alabama USC Alabama
6 Penn State Penn State Penn State Texas Tech Penn State
7 Utah Utah Texas Tech Penn State Utah
8 Texas Tech Texas Tech Utah Ohio State Boise State
9 Boise State Boise State Ohio State Georgia Tech Ohio State
10 Ohio State Ohio State Boise State Oregon Texas Tech
11 TCU TCU Oregon Oklahoma State Missouri
12 Cincy Oklahoma State TCU Georgia   Cincy
13 Oregon Cincy Oklahoma State Michigan State Oregon
14 Oklahoma State Oregon Georgia Tech Cincy Georiga Tech
15 Georgia Tech Georgia Tech Georgia   Utah TCU
16 BYU Missouri BYU Boise State Michigan State
17 Georgia   BYU Oregon State TCU Oklahoma State
18 Michigan State Georgia Virginia Tech Missouri BYU
19 Virginia Tech Michigan State Cincy BYU Georgia 
20 Northwestern Pitt Michigan State Pitt Pitt
21 Pitt Oregon State Northwestern Boston College California
22 Ball State Northwestern Florida State Northwestern Virginia Tech
23 Missouri Ole Miss Iowa  Oregon State Northwestern
24 Ole Miss Virginia Tech Ball State Ole Miss Oregon State
25 Oregon State Boston College Boston College Virginia Tech Boston Colleg


Ball State Pitt Ball State Ball State

Ole Miss

Ole Miss