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Mid Week Buff Bites

When football stops, it seems like the Colorado sports scene comes to a halt. A few links for you today as we get ready for the basketball game tonight against TCU. TCU lost to a Big 12 North foe earlier this year in Nebraska, 62 - 50. The Buffs are 5 point favorites at home at last glance. The Buffs are giving away free tickets tonight and next week against the Rams with this flyer.The game is also on Fox Sports Rocky Mountain tonight in case you don't have a chance to get up there.

Colorado_mediumFreshman guard Nate Tomlinson has been implored by coaches to play more aggressive to keep defenders honest and to take advantage of his scoring ability. Tomlinson has been playing at about 75% due to suffering a sprained ankle in the first game of the season but he answered the call to play more aggressive, scoring 18 points against Stanford last Saturday night.

Colorado_mediumHere is a preview for tonight's game from the Daily Camera. I will try to put one up this afternoon as well.

Colorado_mediumHere is a complete transcript of Dan Hawkins' last conference call with the media on Monday.

Colorado_mediumKyle Ringo of the Daily Camera thinks this off-season's quarterback battle will be hotly contested. Neil Woelk calls the off-season the most critical of Dan Hawkins' career at CU.

Colorado_mediumJalil Brown, Devin Head, Blake Behrens, Curtis Cunningham and Riar Geer are slated for shoulder surgeries in the next month. Jake Behrens is scheduled to undergo knee surgery and Markques Simas will have a procedure on his hand.

Colorado_mediumBo Pelini made his first in home visit yesterday to fellow Buff recruit DT Latu Heimuli, who is a big prospect right now. Florida and Nebraska look to have the edge on the kid but the Buffs are still in the top 5. We should be posting some interviews with a commit and a 3*/4* WR recruit within the next couple of weeks.

Colorado_mediumThe only member of the senior class to receive an invitation to an All-Star game so far is George Hypolite, who has been contacted about playing the Texas vs. The Nation game.