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The Ralphie Report Mailbag - Recruiting Part Duex!

Once again, we have gotten another good question in our mailbag about recruiting from a reader named Ray. This is really a perfect example of a question we would like to hear from you out there; something you want to know more about or a rumor that you are hearing. Ray has asked:

I have a question concerning recruiting....again. :-)

Do you know of any recruits who have committed that we do not know about(silent), do you know of any recruits who possibly could/will commit. Who are the recruits you personally believe will commit to Colorado.

As always, thank you so much and have a very blessed Christmas and New Year!


First topic, silent commits. Defined as a potential commit that does not want to make the news public. Useless? Most definitely. These silent commits are still taking visits and truly, I don't see the point. Top candidates from those who have visited who still have an interest in the Buffs are 4* S Bradley McDougald (former Ohio State commit) and 3* S Stan McKay. I and some message boards would have said 4* DT Edward Nuckols but he is now entertaining Arizona and Florida according to 4* WR Diante Jackson may have been another one but he is very undecided based on our interview with him. Right now, I would say the Buffs have zero silent commits because no one is acting like a silent commit. No one the Buffs are in on is sitting pat, not doing visits and disappearing. McDougald has visited Kansas per and Stan McKay is still very much shopping with other California schools. McKay would be an unbelievable get in my opinion as would any of the guys I mentioned above.

Now to the million dollar question, who do I think will commit? 

Tough one to judge right now but I still think Diante Jackson (4*) will be a Buff if Dan Hawkins visits his house and tells him they have academic support for him. Like I said in the post a couple days ago, if Diante really looks at the Buffs depth chart and truly wants to play early, the Buffs are it. In regards to other wide receivers, I think you could pencil in Alante Wright (2*) from Arizona. Terderma Ussery (3*) I would put down as a 50% chance probably depending on what Diante Jackson does.

I believe RB Carl Winston (3*) will be a Buff based on his offer list and his impressions of the Buffs according to That should be the only running back taken. OG Gus Handler looks to be (verbal commit) a Buff (2*). DE Colton Nash has a good chance of being a Buff and a guy that I really like in terms of his ridiculous upside (3*). I believe S Stan McKay (3*) will be a Buff but watch out for an offer from UCLA to possibly nab this kid. UCLA has already signed two defensive backs and I don't know whether they are projecting them at corner or safety. UCLA doesn't have a lot of other options other than McKay if they are going to put their two commits at corner so Stan would be a good option. We have been trading emails back and forth with McKay and hope to have a more detailed interview with him later but he has said he would be really "excited to wear the black and gold" but the decision is tough between Colorado and UCLA. I asked if UCLA had offered and he said, "not yet." That leads me to believe that an offer from the Bruins would make McKay jump at the in-state school. I think K Zach Grossnickle will be a Buff if CU shows him enough love. That is all that I am comfortable in saying who I think will be Buffs from what I have heard. We are trying to get an interview with him after the first of the year.

With great regret, I am cooling on Edward Nuckols becoming a Buff. Anytime you throw Florida into the mix and a potential National Title in January, my hopes dim. That being said, Florida has signed a multitude of highly rated defensive lineman so that gives the Buffs a chance. This might be one of those guys that comes down to signing day and who makes the last good impression. Hawkins has shown he can do that so we have to pray that he pulls that off.