Big Time DT Jamarkus McFarland Chooses OU over Texas


The New York Times broke the story and the same author who wrote the Darrell Scott article in the Times about the process wrote an article about McFarland. That of course, is enough of a coincidence to make the Longhorn fans call for a recruiting investigation and really act surprised how anyone can choose another school over Texas. Here is the link to the article in the Times. Some interesting little pieces include: McFarland’s mother, Kashemeyia Adams, said she received numerous offers, including one for an interest-free loan for a former classmate, if her son were to choose Texas. She said she did not believe the offers were affiliated with the Texas football staff. He attended parties, including one in Dallas, where he said there was free alcohol, drugs and young women taking off their clothes. ...includes a description of a wild party hosted by Longhorns fans at an upscale hotel in Dallas after the Oklahoma-Texas game on Oct. 11. "I will never forget the excitement amongst all participants," McFarland wrote. "Alcohol was all you can drink, money was not an option. Girls were acting wild by taking off their tops, and pulling down their pants. Girls were also romancing each other. Some guys loved every minute of the freakiness some girls demonstrated. I have never attended a party of this magnitude." "The attitude of the people at the party was that everyone should drink or not come to the party. Drugs were prevalent with no price attached." Adams, meanwhile, received only occasional letters and e-mail messages from Texas coaches."Texas went to sleep in the summertime in recruiting J-Mac," she said. "When they went to sleep, Oklahoma woke up." "Some people who attend the University of Oklahoma seem to represent different values than some people who attend the University of Texas." Rivalry heated up a little bit with these comments, eh?