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Merry Christmas Everyone

Well, it wasn't the 2008 we were looking for but next year will be better. I have a feeling that things will be on the up and up for Buff fans in 2009. Thanks for all your readership over the past four months as we have truly become a great thing for Buff fans, although young in our information age. We have many loyal commentors, contributors and readers and we thank all of you. We try and do this for you. You make all of this possible and we really appreciate your thoughts and input.

I am a firm believer that next fall, coach Hawkins will field a team that will make all of us take note that their is a new contender in the Big 12 North. 2009 should be a special time for CU fans and next year, we won't be playing before December 24th. Most important, we should expect better things in 2009 and remember that expectations is a must. The University of Colorado fans deserve to be a contender and that is what is important. As Dan Hawkins will tell you, "10 wins and no excuses," The Ralphie Report says, "let's be relevant, let's be better than mediocre and let's be winners!" 10 wins...we would take it in a second.

Again, thanks for your support, We have only been live on SBNation for 4 months but we are making big strides, getting some attention and ruffling feathers!!!

Again Merry Christmas and Go Buffs! And may your family and friends enjoy the Holiday season!

Shoulder to Shoulder we will fight, fight, fight, fight, fight!