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Big 12 Coaching Salaries Compared to FB Revenue

I found this over on Tim Griffin's ESPN blog for the Big 12 and thought it was pretty interesting. Basically, according to, a college football coach should make 7.5% of the football budget. Based on that number, it shows Dan Hawkins is underpaid by $775K (on Griffin's original it shows $939K but Hawkins received a raise last year). The point of his article was that Mack Brown is severely underpaid compared to the revenue the football program brings in. Griffin's chart wasn't updated for new contracts (assumed Leach would sign the 5 year, $12.1 million contract) or coaching moves so I changed because it shows even more that technically Hawkins is underpaid compared to 2/3 of the Big 12 coaches when you look comparatively at football generated revenue:

Big 12 Coaching Salaries 
Coach, School Salary FB Revenue % of Budget Salary at 7.5% Difference
Art Briles, Baylor $1.8M $12.0M 15 $900,000 $900,000
Bob Stoops, Oklahoma $3.8M $40.0M 9.5 $3.0M $800,000
Gary Pinkel, Missouri $2.3M  $20.0M 11.50 $1.5M $800,000
Mike Leach, Texas Tech $2.4M  $23.0M 10.43 $1.725M $675,000
Mike Gundy, OSU  $2.2M  $23.0M 9.57 $1.725M $475,000
Mark Mangino, Kansas $1.52M  $15.0M 10.16 $1.125M $399,000
Paul Rhoads, ISU $1.15M  $12.0M 9.58 $900,000 $215,000
Bill Snyder, Kansas St.  $1.85M  $24.0M 7.71 $1.8M $50.000
Dan Hawkins, Colorado $1.1M  $25.0M 4.40 $1.875M -$775.000
Bo Pelini, Nebraska $1.1M  $30.0M 3.67 $2.225M -$1.125M
Mike Sherman, A&M  $1.8M  $42.0M 4.29 $3.15M -$1.35M
Mack Brown, Texas $2.751M  $70.0M 3.93 $5.25M -$2.49M
* Football revenues come from Department of Education Equity in Athletics Web site.
Note: Pinkel, Gundy and Hawkins all have received raises since these figures were generated. Added Rhoads and Snyder.

The most surprising thing on the chart was the fact that the Buffs are only behind Nebraska, A&M, Texas and OU for generated football revenue. I realize that all football revenue doesn't come from game attendance but a pretty large chunk does. Folsom Field is 8th in the conference when comparing seating capacity, some 12,000 seats below the average of 65,222:

School   Field Name Rank Capacity
North Division
Nebraska Memorial Stadium 4   81,067
Missouri Faurot Field 5   68,349
Iowa State Jack Trice Stadium 7   55,000
Colorado Folsom Field 8   53,750
Kansas State Bill Snyder Family Football Stadium 10   52,200
Kansas Memorial Stadium 11   50,071
South Division
Texas Darrell Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium 1   94,113
Texas A&M Kyle Field 2   83,002
Oklahoma GaylordOklahoma Memorial Stadium 3   82,112
Oklahoma State Boone Pickens Stadium 6   60,000
Texas Tech Jones AT&T Stadium 9   53,000
Baylor Floyd Casey Stadium 12   50,000