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2009 - 2010 Buff Offense Class Breakdown

I thought I would throw this together for all of you so you know where the Buffs stand as of right now at each position. This will probably be something that will help all of us assess depth and needs as we go into the recruiting season. If I missed something or someone, let me know as this was a pretty excruciating process going through the bios of these players trying to get if they were redshirts or not. I am still working on the defensive chart but hope to have that up later. Two notes of interest in the offensive chart is the fact that I did not advance Ryan Miller and Max Tuioti-Mariner a year as Dan Hawkins expects to get them both medical redshirts. I have really been able to confirm whether Maryland transfer Evan Eastburn is a walk on or on scholarship so I put him down as a scholarship guy until I figure it out.

Some commentary after the jump...tell us what you think the Buffs need to address in the next 43 days of recruiting. The Buffs are looking to sign 11 - 13 more players.

                              2009 - 2010 Buff Offense Class Breakdown

Pos. Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Incoming


C Hawkins M Ballenger Cam Wright* Clark Evans

T Hansen
0 1 2 1 1


Kevin Moyd Corey Nabors Darrell Scott Ray Polk None

D Sumler R Stewart

B Lockridge
Arthur Jaffee*
1 2 4 1 0


J Behrens Matt Burgner*
1 1 0 0 0


S McKnight M Simas C Blackmon Jarrod Darden
Josh Smith Ryan Maxwell* P Bobseine* A Simmons
Cam Ham* J Espinoza* Dustin Ebner*

Sean Lieb*
0 3 3 4 2


Riar Geer
Ryan Deehan Ryan Wallace None
Pat Devenny

D. Shanahan*
L Walters*
4 0 1 1 0


Devin Head Nate Solder Matt Bahr Max T-Mariner** Jack Harris

Evan Eastburn Blake Behrens Bryce Givens
K Stevens* Ryan Miller** R Dannewitz

Ethan Adkins
Shawn Daniels
Mike Iltis
Sione Tau
David Clark*
1 3 8 3 1
Total 7 10 18 10 4
% 14.3% 20.4% 36.7% 20.4% 8.2%
Scholar 5 7 14 6 4
Walk On 2 3 4 4 0

Well, every time I look at the wide receiver depth chart, I get sick to my stomach. No other offensive position has more walk ons than wide receiver. Yes, wide receivers, defensive backs and linebackers are good players on special teams but when there are more walk ons at a position compared to scholarship players, you know that is a need position. I should send Diante this and tell him that there is literally no competition and you will be a day one player.

Over 60% of the Buffs' offense are still underclassmen so the youth factor will still be an issue next year. 

I personally would like to see the Buffs lock up another tight end (that is, of course, if the Buffs decide to attack the middle of the field again), a fullback and an offensive guard/center or two. Rumor has it that the Buffs have another commit, OG Gus Handler, but until it is confirmed by one of the pay sites, we will not officially claim it.