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Sunday Buff Bites

Colorado_mediumAD Mike Bohn and Co. is mulling over whether they should raise ticket prices for Buff games. I think he should wait until after the Buffs go 10 - 3 next year to do that. I think people will be much more willing to pay an increase after that season rather than three losing seasons in a row.

Colorado_mediumThe men's basketball team has one more game before they find themselves in Hawaii for the Rainbow Classic. The writer hopes the team isn't looking ahead until they take care of business against Louisiana-Monroe. The Longmont Times sees progression in this young Buffs' team. As I attempt to tailgate and go to the Broncos game today in single digits...I think I might join the caravan to Hawaii. Sounds good about now.

Colorado_mediumI am really excited to see CU commit QB Clark Evans in a Buff uniform. Last night, Evans added 15 points for his top 5 Los Alamitos basketball team. Hopefully, we can get some video of him on the basketball court because I am sure he is a beast.

Colorado_mediumCongrats to CU commit DT Nate Bonsu as his Allen High School team won its first ever 5A Texas High School State Championship. Mr Woodrow Wilson is also a Allen grad. He was integral in their state championship march! Bonsu was also named 5A Honorable Mention for his senior year.

Colorado_mediumRoxbomber brought this up over in the fan post section but here is some free recruiting stuff from about S/Ath Terrell Williams from Union High in Oklahoma. Props to current Buffs Cha'pelle Brown and Brian Lockridge, whom apparently knocked the socks of Williams and his best friend TE Tracy Moore to really make them consider the Buffaloes. Establishing a pipeline in Oklahoma, especially Union High would be a really good thing for the program.

Colorado_mediumJust in case you want to watch a little more vootage of WR Diante Jackson in action, check this out. Remeber this 3 minutes video is just highlights of one game. I want this kid bad!