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Became A Little Less Patient Today

Don't read this is you are a sunshine pumper or like to make excuses/logical claims about the last three years. This post is not for you...

I never thought I would be jealous of Colorado State but I found myself wanting a 6'4" QB and a bruising running back today. I found myself wanting Steve Fairchild's offensive sets and play calling. Mostly, I found myself wondering in year three of the Dan Hawkins' era how CSU has won more road games than the Buffs have this year than Hawkins has won in his whole CU tenure. They also have a winning season and a bowl win, something we can't say. Yes, Colorado State plays in the Mountain West but the way Colorado played this year, it wouldn't have mattered which conference the Buffs were to play in. It wouldn't have mattered because CU beat Eastern Washington on a last second interception, Kansas State by one point at home, Iowa State on a bone head last second play call. Fresno State probably wins two of those three games if not all of them. CSU progressed over this season and Colorado didn't. CSU wins a bowl, Colorado didn't. Does anything else matter? Nope.

The fact that CU message boarders are arguing whether the Buffs would beat CSU today and going back and forth about this and that shows you how far the Buffs have fallen from the 38 - 17 win just September to today. It is embarrassing to say but CSU destroys Colorado today. Who are we kidding, the Buffs wouldn't have scored 40 points and Gartrell Johnson was a beast & a half.

In Steve Fairchild's first year, he has done many things Dan Hawkins hasn't done in three. You look to the other rival we have in Nebraska and they, in the first year under Bo Pelini, won. Same thing for coaches like Paul Johnson at Georgia Tech, Randy Shannon at Miami and Butch Davis at North Carolina. "But" as defenders will say, "the Buffs have injuries, the Buffs are young, the Buffs have a tough conference, the Buffs have a tougher schedule, the Buffs had Gary Barnett kill the program, the cupboard was so empty, but, but, but, excuse, excuse, excuse." Wins is all that matters in this game and we aren't getting them. I am even more adamant that next year we better see a phenomenal change in every aspect of the program because what is going on right now is not acceptable from on-the-field to off-the-field to coaching to motivation to energy level to halftime preparations to schemes to you name it, it is a problem.

It was really frustrating watching the Rams play. I am a envious of "offense." Even CSU has seemed to know what to do with the ball, something the Buffs have yet to figure out. Do you know how many yards those little Rams had today? Spare me, "look at the opponent excuse" because once again, it is another excuse and frankly, that is the only thing we are leading the Big 12 in this year. CSU had 619 yards. 619 one game. Not two games. 362 yards on the ground. That is offense my friends.

The most unnerving thing today was the amount of coaching I saw Steve Fairchild do on the sideline. It might be petty to most but he is involved in every offensive play call and is the main guy talking to the players and coaches. He is working that sideline, coaching players up and taking CONTROL of his team because that is his job. Next year, I hope Hawk is more involved in every aspect of the game especially on offense. Hawkins made a comment this year that he isn't coaching much on the sideline because he lets his assistants do their job. I hated that statement. To this day, it irks me. Today that sting got worse after watching Fairchild not play second fiddle.

FYI, I still believe and I think next year will be better and this day won't be such a lonely feeling fan for Buffs fans next year, I believe we will be better and WIN. I want to see year number four and want to believe but now, more than ever, next year is truly "no excuses" and wins better be a plentiful because I don't ever want to feel envious of CSU again.

Tell me where I am wrong or right. Somedays, I can't decide my side of the fence. Today made my decision official that things better change and change more talk, no more moral victories (moral victories are for moms, girl scouts and high school sports, i.e. like we almost beat Nebraska, we gave OSU a game in the first half)...just wins and domination. GO BUFFS