Non CU Jargon: Tebow vs. Kiper


It isn't about the Buffs but I consider Mel Kiper to have the third best job in sports so I always keep a keen eye out for his "stuff." I found this article about Tebow asking the draft guru what he, the Tebowner, needs to do so he can be a QB at the next level: "You tell me this," Tebow said to Kiper during the radio exchange. "What do you think I need to do to be an NFL quarterback? You tell me that." You tell me? Me Me Me, Look at Me, Me Me Me. Settle down Tim, you will get your chance to prove it, Mel Kiper does not decide your fate. Kiper dodged the question which anyone would do implying he would be a better tight end. The point of posting this is the consist media attention on Tebowner. Is anyone sick of Tim Tebow? Great college player but the media attention around his "no one will player harder than ME," the red paint (no that wasn't blood or William Wallace from Braveheart) on his face, the "poor Tim Tebow" push after he lost the Heisman and not being seen as a pro quarterback and the CBS love fest that makes you turn the audio off. All of this Me Me Me makes Me like Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy even more. Those guys are just as good of players but you never hear a peep out of Bradford and McCoy just likes to hunt and fish. 'Bowner just rubs me the wrong way. You don't hear the two Big 12 quarterbacks come out and say, "I can't wait to throw against a SEC defense that hasn't seen a prolific offense all year." The article then goes on to say: ESPN’s Joe Schad reported that he had a conversation with Tebow in which Tebow said he was mad that people don’t think he’ll be a great NFL quarterback and mad that he didn’t win the Heisman Trophy, and that his anger might motivate him to leave Florida early. Go for it Tim. Please leave! Then I can watch SEC football on CBS with the volume on again. Maybe Tim Tebow should get Gary Danielson to be his agent and talent promoter to make him feel better.