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"10 Wins And No Excuses" - Mark It Down Dec 15th, 2008 at 10:58pm

Yes, talk is cheap but doesn't that sound good? I would settle for eight wins and no excuses but the one and only Dan Hawkins has set the table. Is he crazy for saying ten wins? Yes. Does he know the Buffs have Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma State and a tough road game against West Virginia on the schedule next year? Yes. But I love it. For the first time, it looks like Hawkins has anted up and set the bar high. He has set the bar high in other non-win related measures but this is a clear shot at the players and coaches that wins are now the expectation...and a lot of them.

But again, talk is cheap. To get to ten wins, the Buffs will need to improve exponentially. I mean ten wins is BCS worthy, right? Doesn't this team have too many holes on it like at quarterback, defensive line and wide receiver that won't be fixed over night?

So Buff nation, should we expect ten wins next year? Like I said above, eight wins would be fine with me. Wins are great but I before we can declare Colorado BCS worthy, I would like to see a coherent offense and an attacking aggressive defense. Most important, solid quarterback play.

Again, I like the pressure he put on the team and the football program with that statement. It is a goal, it is a figure that will be hard to get to but something that needed to be done to wake people up, proclaiming medocrity is no longer acceptable for anyone, including Dan Hawkins.

I attribute this new Dan Hawkins attitude to CU men's basketball coach Jeff Bzdelik who inadvertently questioned Hawkins approach with the media this year by saying: "excuses are for losers," after the loss to TCU this year.

Thanks coach Bz!