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4* DT Edward Nuckols Down to Three Schools, CU Might Not Be Front Runner Anymore

3* DE/OL Nik Abele Also On The Fence After Visit To ASU

Well, after learning that CU wasn't the slam dunk choice for WR Diante Jackson last week in our interview to now finding out that 4* DT Edward Nuckols may like Arizona more than CU plus Florida is now in the running, things are not looking good for the Buffs. I am officially worried about the future. Today marks the day. These are two must get guys in my book and right now, it is up in the air to a point that getting one might be the best case scenario.

Here is what Nuckols told Greg Biggens at

"The academic support is very appealing at Arizona. I got a real nice campus tour and I really like the football facilities. The visit to Colorado was great too but I actually felt more comfortable at Arizona and that is a big deal for me."

Nuckols doesn't have any other visits lined up but has been talking to one of the nation's true heavyweight programs from SEC country.

"Florida has started to show a lot of interest in me," Nuckols said. "They want to come out for a home visit in January and then want me to trip out there later in the month. That's definitely appealing to me.

"I had a home visit from Arizona Saturday night. Coach Hammerschmidt and Tuiasosopo came in and that went real well. Coach Bandison from Colorado is coming over this Thursday. I'm no longer talking with ASU so it's basically these three schools right now."

As for Abele, here is what he said after his visit to ASU:

"I loved it there, Tempe is a very cool city," Abele said. "There is so much to do there and I really liked the city a lot. Colorado is cool but kind of laid back. ASU is a lot more lively and there is a lot going on.

"I also like the location a little better. If I was at ASU, my family would be able to come and see me play a lot easier than if I was at Colorado. I mean, they could still see me if I was at CU but ASU is a lot closer obviously."

We asked if ASU was now the team to beat but Abele said he wouldn't go that far.

"I don't really have a favorite right now, I would put those schools as pretty equal," Abele said. "I liked different things about each of them and until I take all my trips, I really can't say I have a leader.

"I'm going to Utah next weekend (Dec. 19) and I set up my visit with UCLA for (Jan. 9). I've also had home visits with Utah, Cal, Colorado and ASU and I think UCLA will be coming this week."

My question is why aren't the coaches selling these kids of the academic support that CU has? That is the second week in a row that a recruit pinned academic support as a positive of the other school. To lose a recruit of this caliber to Arizona of all places because of academic support would be ridiculous.

Hopefully Coach Hawkins is not settling on letting position coaches just go into these kid's homes. We know he hasn't been to Jackson's house yet. Hopefully that will get scheduled in the next two weeks

Defensive lineman should be the only players we recruit from here on out.