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Buffs Honor Each Other At Senior Awards Banquet

The Buffs football team gathered Sunday at the Omni Interlocken Hotel in Broomfield for the annual Senior Awards Banquet. Here were the award winners. I have also read of reports that Coach Hawkins said next year, 2009, there will be no excuses for anyone! I should have bought a ticket and went to hear that, record it and play it every time an excuse is made next year. I will update this post with direct quotes from Coach Hawkins as it comes out.


The complete list of CU award winners announced Sunday, most selected by the coaching staff and a few others, including the most outstanding and the MVP, by the players:

Zack Jordan Award (most valuable player, selected by teammates): FS Ryan Walters

John Mack Award (outstanding offensive player): WR Scotty McKnight

Dave Jones Award (outstanding defensive player): CB Cha'pelle Brown & OLB Brad Jones

Hang Tough Award (overcame the most adversity): FS Ryan Walters

Lee Willard Award (outstanding freshman): TB Rodney Stewart

Tyronee "Tiger" Bussey Award (perseverance over adversity, injury and/or illness): DT Brandon Nicolas

Dean Jacob Van Ek Award (academic excellence): DT George Hypolite & OT Nate Solder

Bill McCartney Award (special teams achievement): SS Travis Sandersfeld & WR Josh Smith

Regiment Award (greatest contribution with least recognition): C Daniel Sanders

Derek Singleton Award (spirit, dedication, enthusiasm): QB Cody Hawkins

Tom McMahon Award (dedication and work ethic): ILB Jeff Smart

Eddie Crowder Award (leadership): WR Patrick Williams

Robbie Robinson Good Works Award (community service): DT George Hypolite

Offensive Scout Award: TB Brian Lockridge & WR Markques Simas

Defensive Scout Award: DE Will Pericak

Special Teams Scout Award: SS Joel Adams

Best Interview (selected by team beat media): DT George Hypolite

*Gold Group Commitment Awards: FB Jake Behrens, CB Cha'pelle Brown, CB Jalil Brown, FB Maurice Cantrell, WR Cody Crawford, DT Curtis Cunningham, TE Ryan Deehan, SN Justin Drescher, QB Cody Hawkins, DT George Hypolite, TB Brian Lockridge, DE Maurice Lucas, FS Patrick Mahnke, ILB Jon Major, WR Scotty McKnight, OT Ryan Miller, ILB Shaun Mohler, DT Brandon Nicolas, DE Will Pericak, SS Anthony Perkins, C Daniel Sanders, SS Travis Sandersfeld, ILB Jeff Smart, TE Nate Solder, ILB Bryan Stengel, TB Rodney Stewart, TB Demetrius Sumler, FS Ryan Walters, WR Patrick Williams.  

*David Plati Staff Support Award (tireless effort for football program): Jan Stump

*David Clough Faculty Support Award (extraordinary support for football program): David Clough & James Marlatt

*Pasta Jay Elowski Community Support Award (active support and enthusiasm): Jay Elowski, George Boedecker, Steve Tebo & Dan Mills