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TRR Live - CU Recruit Diante Jackson Sits Down With The Ralphie Report

Welcome to the second Ralphie Report Live segment. This time we welcome in California prep star and CU recruit WR Diante Jackson. Diante has quickly made himself the Buffs new #1 recruiting prospect along with DT Edward Nuckols. Diante would bring great size and explosiveness to a position that is a definite need for the Buffs. He was gracious enough to spare 15 minutes of his time to talk to us about a ton of topics including when he expects to announce. Special thanks to Diante on this one. He sounds like a smart kid and made us want to see him in a Buff uniform even more. Enjoy the audio after the jump. We have also transcribed this in case you want to read the text.


click after the jump for the audio...


Here is the transcript from the Diante Jackson interview in case you want the literature. Enjoy!