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Craziness With Will Muschamp, Auburn and Texas

ESPN SportsCenter reported earlier today that Texas Defensive Coordinator Will Muschamp will be going to Auburn as the next Head Coach. Now ESPN is taking that back because Muschamp told a few people that "he has not and will not interview for the Auburn job." We will keep you updated here.

If this isn't true, Auburn is officially desperate.


UPDATE - Thanks to TexasWahoo, who provided the link below saying that Muschamp was "Gary Pattersonized."

According to The Ralphie Report dictionary, here is the definition of Gary Pattersonized: a pissed off coach over a podunk media station reporting that said coach would be leaving to take said job getting two fan bases completely and utterly worked up!

1. Will Muschamp will not the be the next coach at Auburn: I just got off the phone with Will Muschamp, the defensive coordinator and head coach in waiting at Texas. He emphatically shot down television reports in Mobile that he would be the named the next coach at Auburn today.

“I have not talked to Auburn about this job and I have no interest in the job,” said Muschamp. “I really don’t know what else to say. I’m going to stay at Texas until they fire me.”

My sources tell me that some Board of Trustee members did pick up the phone and call Muschamp to find out if he was interested. But those sources also tell me that when Muschamp was at Auburn as DC, he and athletics director Jay Jacobs did not part on the best of terms.

Auburn fans are having fun with this news too, this spoof from AuburnTron: Texas QB Colt McCoy to Follow Muschamp to Auburn. The main reasons for his departure:

On his main reason for leaving Texas - “I am so tired of Matthew Mcconaughey walking around campus with his shirt off.  I mean it’s December and he doesn’t even go to school here.”

On why he would follow a defensive co-ordinator when he plays offense - “Well Now that Muschamp will be the HC, I figure he would chest bump the offensive players too, jeez I can’t wait to feel that man against me.”

On having to sit out a year - ”Well Mr. Jacobs and Mr. Louder have promised me Lagdon Hall auditorium full of virgins to keep me in football shape”

On his future teammate and fellow QB, Kodi Burns - “He’s  a decent scrambling QB…. for  a black guy.”

McCoy also expressed that he was so upset that Texas got the shaft when it came to a bid to play in the BCS National Title game and that he could never see that happening to a solid SEC School like Auburn.