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The Ralphie Report is now on Twitter


Here at The Ralphie Report we are constantly working to improve the site as we strive to become your source for Buffaloes commentary and insight. I had been trying to decide whether or not to start a Twitter feed for a while (I have to admit, it took me awhile to "get it") and finally decided to get it started this week.  I set up the TRR Twitter page to automatically get all of the front page posts from here on the site and we will do a lot of exclusive stuff as well.  We will updating from a bunch of CU basketball games throughout the season as well as all of the spring practices and games we can attend.  In addition I will be "tweeting" (man that is weird to type) from this year's BCS National Championship.  A new sidebar has been added to the left side of the site that will show you all of the posts from the feed. If you aren't familiar with Tweeter check out this page for some more info and if you aren't already using it head over and create an account so that you can start getting even more from The Ralphie Report.

The Ralphie Report Twitter Feed