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The Ralphie Report Mailbag - Recruiting Question

We received a great question about recruiting via email so I thought I would address it on the front page so that a) we can talk a little recruiting and b) let you know that we welcome your questions or ideas you have for a post. If you want to see something but don't want to do the research, let us know. You have a question about Colorado Buff sports, fire us an email and we will get back to you and if it is something we feel that others would benefit from hearing, we will answer it on the blog. We like questions about recruiting and we know that you like that subject as well so feel free to ask us! Our email address is theralphiereport - at - Today's question comes from Ray:

1) Well, how did the interview with Diante turn out?

2) Also, since Colorado is in on a few others such as Clay, McKay, Ussery and Jackson what are your thoughts on these recruits... Do you think we will get their signature or do you think we will lose out to Oregon again. Are there any other recruits we are on that I did not mention.

1) I wish we had news to report about our Diante Jackson interview but we haven't got a hold of him after a few emails and phone calls. I will keep texting, calling and emailing until we get in touch with him. We hope to bring you audio of it as well.

***UPDATE - we just interviewed Diante and should have audio up tomorrow. We got about 15 minutes of audio. He is sharp and well spoken. Tons of good stuff. He still sounds a little torn as to his decision.*****

2) The Buffs are in on a couple more prominent players than in your list, but we will start with your four:

  • 3*/4* LB Michael Clay - just recently named Oregon and Colorado as his top two, and more importantly, the only two schools he is considering. I am little shocked at this one because he didn't seem to be in love after his visit to CU the week of the Iowa State game. That being said, Oregon has been a favorite for a while and I don't expect to get him. Fine with me, we are deep at linebacker with Smart, Mohler, Katoa, Rippy, Beatty, Sipili, Hartigen and Major.

see after the jump for more recruiting talk and who will be visiting this weekend...

  • DB Stan McKay - I really want this guy. The Buffs are, once again, in his top two with UCLA, who has not offered yet. If UCLA offers, he will go. I am curious as to why they haven't offered yet. He is a California prep at a top ranked high school so if they haven't offered, it is a good thing for the Buffs. He has all the measurables and speed to boot. With relative inexperience at safety next year, it is a fair game position, so the more competition we have back their, the better. I do like Patrick Mahnke and Anthony Perkins but beyond them, the Buffs are a little light.
  • 3* WR Terdema Ussery - Ussery is 6'4" 200 lbs so he has good size. Sort of a late arriver on the scene as the Buffs were out of the top 3 as recently as last month. But one of our better recruiters in wide receiver coach Kiesau really went to work on this guy and he has now stated that Colorado is his #1. He is a smart kid (his dad is the chairman of the Dallas Mavericks) and wants to go to school for BOTH football and academics. Watch out for Stanford as well because of that reason. We will try to get an interview with him. He will be in Boulder Jan. 16th for his official (the week of the Kansas v CU basketball game)
  • 4* WR Diante Jackson - I believe he will be a Buff...I am dying to talk to him.

Other recruits we are in on that I know about and have a good chance at getting:

  • WR Alante Wright - 6'3" 190 lbs. In a article title I saw this morning, he looks to be favoring the Buffs. I believe he will be a Buff.
  • 4* DT Edward Nuckols - If Diante Jackson is priority recruit #1a this year, Nuckols is #1b. He might be one of those silent commits we have been hearing about. He has said CU has been the favorite for a long time now. He hasn't verbally pulled the trigger yet but if he sees our depth at defensive tackle, I would be shocked if he didn't commit. He has been visiting elsewhere since his CU stop. Let's just say if Diante and Ed both don't come to CU, this class with be a rough one.
  • 3* OL/DE Nik Abele - I like this kid's motor. I think the Buffs will try and convert him to a full time defensive end due to our lack of depth there. He has good power and size. I think we land this kid but he has been getting a ton of interest elsewhere.
  • 3* DE Colton Nash - I am surprised he has not pulled the trigger yet as Colorado looks to be his best option. He is choosing between Baylor, CSU and Colorado. He liked his visit, I think he will be a Buff. Nash will have to add weight but he has a huge wingspan and has a decent get off.
  • 3* QB Josh Moten - it is technically still early in his recruiting process as he has just recently emerged on a lot of teams radar. The Buffs are by far and away his best offer. I think this kid is a playmaker and we all know the Buffs need about 18 of those. They will find a place for him.
  • K Zach Grossnickle - the Buffs need a kicker who can both punt &placekick and Grossnickle is the guy. It will be between CU and Kansas. I like the Buffs chances of getting him. He will be in Boulder Jan. 16th for his official (the week of the Kansas v CU basketball game)

Other recruits that we are in the top 5 but doubt we will get:

  • 4* DL Latu Heimuli - the big run stopper will probably end up in Florida. Thanks for taking Kasa and Heimuli.
  • 4* WR Bryce McNeal - he says the Buffs are still in it but now it looks like Oregon has entered the sweepstakes...who would have guessed that? Minnesota and Oklahoma are also favorites. He won't be a Buff.
  • Athletes Bryce Lamb, Markus Wheaton, Kyle Van Noy and James Johnson - I think we pull one of these guys but the other three probably end up going elsewhere.
  • 3* DE Kevin Greene - he is enthralled with USC (who wouldn't be) and they have offered him. I think he will be a Trojan. Colorado would probably be his #2 choice.
  • 4* S/CB Bradley McDougald - once an Ohio State verbal, he is now free and visited the Buffs with his teammate Deji Olatoye the week of the Iowa State game. There isn't a ton of press on him right now, even though he is a prized recruit. Most of the Big 10 schools are after this kid as well.

Visitors this weekend:

3* TE Tracy Moore, 3* S Terrell Williams and WR Alante Wright.

If you want to hear anything more on any of these players, let me know.