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Dan Hawkins End of Season Press Conference Notes

Here is some news from Dan Hawkins press outing today with media folk:

  • Hawkins says he loves his coaches and believes you need to look at all the factors in judging them. He also made a plug for the university needing to ante up the cash because Colorado pays their assistants the least in the Big 12 conference and Colorado is the most expensive place to live in the Big 12. He referenced Missouri as an example of keeping coaches together and finding success over time. I THINK THIS MEANS WE WON'T SEE ANY CHANGES TO THIS YEAR'S STAFF.
  • Hawkins said that spring practice might start later next year due to a number of factors but most importantly, to allow proper time for all the injuries to heal. Players who suffered severe injuries this year who will need all the time to recover is OT Ryan Miller, LB Jon Major, RB Rodney Stewart and OG Max Tuioti-Mariner. Hawkins also said that more than 5 players will have surgery in the next couple of weeks. FB Jake Behrens sprained his MCL in the Nebraska game.
  • Sounds like DE Jason Brace will not be back next year due to concussions. The junior defensive end was at one time starting this year. The final injury was believed to be suffered in the West Virginia game. He did not play another game this year.
  • Hawkins will be leaving for two weeks of recruiting on Tuesday and he will be signing a larger class than originally thought because of players leaving the program. Look for a number in the 20 + range but I will shocked if they get that considering where they are now. Anything over 20 would be a shock. The players leaving the program making room for more youth would be Brace, OL Drew Hudgins, WR Kendrick Celestine and FB Kai Maiava.
  • Hawkins also said the turn around of the program has taken longer than he expected and it is "never as fast as you want it. "
  • Hawkins set up the excuse of  "youth" again next year saying this team won't have a lot of seniors.
  • Should Hawkins stop using the excuse of the "issues" before he got here referring to the Gary Barnett era? It's been three full years!
  • Believes that running the spread/no huddle is the way to go especially in the Big 12.
  • He didn't sound entirely optimistic about LB Lynn Katoa. Very brief and that their is a lot of things they "are working on with him."
  • Hawk is also concerned about the QB situation, defensive line and the kicking game.
  • And the Buffs are recruiting another kicker/punter for a scholarship!