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Friday! Buff Bites

What do you get when a 2 - 7 team plays a 4 - 5 team? Zero press coverage. This week has been a struggle to fill up Buffs Bites and today, we are at an all time low!

Colorado_mediumHow about former Buff now Denver Bronco Daniel Graham. He finally made his presence known in the passing game and he made a splash. He was a big part of the 34 - 30 come from behind win.

Colorado_mediumThanks to one of our readers for sending us this article on CU QB commit Clark Evans from California who is absolutely tearing things up. If you see anything regarding CU football that you found interesting, please send it to us at Thanks to whoever sent us this!

Colorado_mediumHow about this for a CU Buff basketball roster: 10 freshman and sophomores, 1 junior, 1 senior. Here is The Ralphie Report wishing CU best of luck?!?

Colorado_mediumJameson Davis will try his hand at kicking field goals for the Buffs replacing Aric Goodman who hasn't made a field goal in 6 games.

Colorado_mediumCU Buffs soceer takes on the #1 seeded Oklahoma State Cowboys today in the Big 12 semifinals. The Buffs tied the Pokes earlier in the season 1 - 1.

Colorado_mediumThe CU Buffs football seniors are counting down their time to the end of their collegiate playing career. This article probably could have waited until next week but this is how slow things are. These seniors have been through a whole lot of things.Look at this list: Gary Barnett, Katie Knida, Dan Hawkins coaching change, a loss the Montana State, a 2 - 10 season, upset wins over Texas Tech and Oklahoma, the big 70 - 3 loss to Texas, the Missouri loss this year...these boys have seen a little adversity.

Going mellow today as Friday is the calm before the Saturday college football storm and a must win for our Buffs.  This is a great cover of one of my favorite Pinback tracks.

Adem - Loro