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Coach Hawkins Bashes Those Damn Unqualified Media Types (i.e. The Ralphie Report)

Mark it down.

"When we sit here in a year or two and we've got some experience and we're not banged up, it will be a whole different scenario," Dan Hawkins said. "It will be."

That quote about how things will change once the Buffs get healthy comes from an article from the Daily Camera pretty much saying Hawkins was disappointed to see the mainstream media has given voice to anonymous critics. I throw The Ralphie Report into that broad statement by coach Hawk. On a personally curious level, I hope coach isn't too concerned about us. I think the offense should be a bigger concern. Or the impending problem of the lack of recruiting and commitments this year. The way I look at it, he gets paid close to a million bucks a year to coach football. I think we are pretty fair in our remarks about the program. I like to think that we call it as we see it. Yes, some of the comments are harsh but an equally amount of comments are over-optimistic. I mean The Ralphie Report has only picked CU to lose twice this year. If that isn't over optimistic I don't know what is? We wouldn't be on the boards or the blogs if we didn't want the program to succeed. As you get paid a million dollars to do your job, we get paid nothing. We write because we care and we want to believe you will bring it back.  That would be a waste of our time if we didn't want the Buffs to win. Trust me coach, there would be nothing better for our blog if you would win 10 games a year. Nothing better than DScott going for 200 yards.

But coach, you do make $1 million dollars a year to bring that Boise State production to Colorado, a Big 12 school where there is inherently more pressure on both coaches and players. That is why you play and coach in the Big 12. Do you think the pressure is any less at Missouri, Texas and Oklahoma? If you don't want the pressure, the naysayers, the bloggers, the message boards; the Big 12 isn't right for you. Isn't this the same guy who said "Its the Big 12 brother, go play intramurals." Right now coach, we as fans might mistake your Buffs' offense for an intramural offense. Just in case your reading, that is what I think about the offense right now. And I can't imagine how you ccould agree that this offense is acceptable. Right now, Middle Tennessee State, Tulane, Miami (OH) and even Syracuse score more points than the Buffs. Colorado State scores 6 more points a game.

But you know what coach, I continue to write about the Buffs because I want to see what you can do next year. I still believe in you and the program...for the next year. I pray for your fortunes that there are zero injuries on the offensive side of the ball next year so you don't have that excuse to fall back on. You still have a believer in this site coach, if you actually waste your time reading this blog as a coach of a college football team.