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Wednesday Buff Bites

Colorado_mediumCU's special teams better be ready to play this weekend.

Iowa State's Leonard Johnson broke the major college football single-game record for kickoff return yards Saturday in a 59-17 loss against No. 9 Oklahoma State.

The freshman had 319 kickoff return yards on nine returns, including returns of 72, 73 and 48 yards.

Colorado_mediumI suggest you read some of the comments from Dan Hawkins luncheon press conference yesterday. I wish someone would have asked him about recruiting. My wish for next year is to not have injuries as his excuse as to why the offense is not performing.

What it’s about is trying to perfect your system. What has obviously hurt us, in terms of perfecting our system, is that we have a bunch of guys in the training room; that gets harder and harder.

Personally, I really don't know if injuries is the reason why this offense is performing so badly. I also get the feeling that Demetrius Sumler will get the bulk of the workload this weekend. Once again, Darrell Scott seems injured.

Colorado_mediumI do love Darrell Scott's maturity so far this year. This article by Neil Woelk of Daily Camera announces that Darrell Scott is now the guy. I still hold my doubts about who will get more of the action. I will believe it when I see the coaches make a commitment to Darrell and if Darrell is truly healthly:

"Basically, the running game has been put on my shoulders," Scott said. "I have to play through the injuries and get it going. My teammates and coaches have told me, 'You're the guy.'

"I believe I can do it."

Colorado_mediumThe CU Buffs men basketball season opener on November 14th has been moved to an 8:30 start. Get this, you can buy tickets to the game for a buck! The Buffs are playing the University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff Lions.

Colorado_mediumCU women's soccer starts the the Big 12 conference tournament today as the #4 seed against Nebraska.