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The Ralphie Report College Pick'em Week 10

Good win this week by Mr. Woodrow Wilson of the Ralphie Report who went 11 - 4 for the week. A ton of you finished in 2nd place at 10 - 4. My favorite being rebel14 who in our gameday thread said he forgot to put his bets. Luckily for him, the computer picks the home teams and well, he got lucky. Congrats again to Woodrow who is making a move in recent weeks to get back into contention in the overall race. Make sure to get your picks in for Week 11.


Bigcountry still leads by 2 points over rebel14 who, with his miracle home team picks, is right in the think of things. Buffzag, Walt2121 and phatmack are only 5 games back as there are still plenty of weeks to stage a rally.