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Slow News Day Buff Bites

Colorado_mediumThe Omaha World Herald examines the third year's of Ron Prince and Dan Hawkins, saying that usually coaches get two years to sift through the mess and the third year needs to show improvement. They compare former Nebraska coach Bill Callahan to Ron Prince in terms of their mentality and say this about Hawkins:

At Colorado, the gregarious Hawkins — known for his supposed offensive wizardry — has grown quieter week by week as his offense continues to sputter.

In five years at Boise State, his teams averaged 41.6 points a game. But at Colorado, his first two teams — which finished 2-10 and 6-7 — were 107th and 62nd nationally in scoring.

How true is the first statement. Hawkins has indeed grown much quieter and more short winded. Right now those doubters that say the WAC isn't the Big 12 are proving true.

Colorado_mediumI understand staying PC is important for bulletin board material purposes but Iowa State coach Gene Chizik and Dan Hawkins describing each other's teams is comical. Here is Chizik describing the CU offense:

Said Iowa State coach Gene Chizik: "Offensively right now (CU does) a lot of things. They can run the football. They have a controlled passing game. It’s just one of those games that is going to be physical, and you can tell Dan wants to run the football.

"When they get clicking, they can move the ball with anybody."

Move the ball with anyone? He must have gotten tapes from the early 90's.

Hawkins is a little better but to say Iowa State has play makers is also stretching it:

"They have a really solid group up front; they have play makers," CU coach Dan Hawkins said about Iowa State. "They had opportunities against Texas A&M; they pushed Kansas to the brink.

"They have the makings of a really good club, they just haven’t had some things go their way."

Colorado_mediumOne year, hopefully Hawkins won't use this as an excuse anymore. It's kind of time that adversity becomes manageable:

We’re getting our Ph.D. in dealing with adversity

No explanation needed for today's TRR DJ choice.  Interesting that Obama tried to buy the college football vote with talk of a playoff last night.  Please, please, please don't give college football a playoff.  That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

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