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Week 10 BlogPoll Ballot

Rank Team Delta
1 Texas Tech 5
2 Alabama --
3 Penn State --
4 Texas 3
5 Oklahoma 1
6 Florida 1
7 Oklahoma State --
8 Southern Cal 1
9 Utah 1
10 TCU 3
11 Georgia 3
12 Ohio State --
13 LSU 2
14 Missouri 1
15 Boise State 1
16 Michigan State 7
17 Georgia Tech 9
18 California 7
19 Ball State --
20 Kansas 2
21 Florida State 3
22 North Carolina 2
23 Northwestern 3
24 West Virginia 2
25 Pittsburgh 1


Dropped Out: Tulsa (#16), Minnesota (#17), Oregon (#21), Virginia (#24).

Commentary after the jump...

- After the big win of UT, Texas Tech jumps to the top.  Alabama's two big victories have lost some luster after Clemson has been exposed as a fraud and Georgia got undressed at a neutral site.  Penn State has to have an Alabama or Tech loss to move into the top 2.
- Texas has to stay above Oklahoma for the time being, but if the Sooners can win the next three they're going to leapfrog the Longhorns as the head to head victory will be taken out of play.  There will be some objectivity here but that's how I see it playing out.
- USC is kind of on an island of their own.  I don't feel like they are in the hunt for the national title game, but they are a lot better than any of the teams below them.
- I left Utah ahead of TCU for this week because they are still undeafeted, but I strongly feel like the Utes are going to get rolled on Thursday night.
- Big jump for Cal after what I believe was a strong win over the Ducks, now let's see if they can knock off the Trojans and continue their climb.
- The ACC is still such a giant mess that its hard to decided who even deserves to be ranked.  Georgia Tech made a large jump after another strong win and the Seminoles just dropped slightly after a loss. The FSU defense is a rock and I feel like they are going to be the toast of the conference over the next few seasons.
- Rounding out the ballot are the two leaders of the Big East.  As bad as the conference is this season, the last few weeks are going to be a lot of fun as top 3 or 4 squads all still face off against each other.  I would love to see the Mountaineers match up with the Panthers with a conference title and BCS berth on the line.

From here on out the BlogPoll ballot and Big 12 rankings will be two seperate posts, so look for the conference rankings tomorrow.  Let me know your thoughts on the rankings and how you would fix them!