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BCS Rankings Announcement Time: Texas, Texas Tech and Oklahoma

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UPDATE - Oklahoma #2 in the BCS Rankings, will play Missouri in Kansas City for the Big 12 Championship.

What do you think the ratings will be today for the BCS rankings today? Especially in the southern mid-west part of the United States? Well, it sucks the Buffs aren't in it but we all still want to watch because each of us has our preferences who goes of these Big 12 teams.

Time of BCS Announcement Time: Between 2:00pm and 2:30pm MT on Fox

Sites of Interest Before, During and After the Announcement:

Crimson and Cream Machine - Oklahoma Sooners

CU logo

Burnt Orange Nation - Texas Longhorns

CU logo

Double T Nation - Texas Tech Red Raiders

CU logo

The Coaches Poll and the Harris Poll should be announced at least a couple hours before 2:00 pm. But like last week, this decision will come down to computers, not the polls.

***UPDATE - Texas gains on OU in the USA Today Coaches Poll by finds themselves one point behind the Sooners. Sooners #2 (1,397 votes), Texas #3 (1,396 votes). So we have two indicators in the BCS and both point towards OU. The Harris Poll is now huge for the Longhorns if they want a chance at the Big 12 Championship game.

***UPDATE - Texas ahead of OU in the Harris Poll by 8 votes. This is going to be really close.

Leave comments about who you are hoping will go to the Big 12 championship or whatever else is on your mind about the BCS.

***Remember the logic of Texas beat OU only gives Texas Tech the argument over Texas. And Neutral Field does not equal a road win. That's my two cents.

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