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Ten Reasons To Go To The Iowa State Game

This Saturday matches up Iowa State and the Colorado Buffaloes, two programs pitter pattering each other for worst in the Big 12. Iowa State comes in losers of 7 in a row and have not a won a road game in what feels like an eternity. Iowa State ranks 12th in the Big 12 in total defense, 12th in scoring defense, 11th in total offense and 11th in scoring offense. CU, as you know, isn't much better. Losing 5 of the last 6 after a 3 - 0 start. The Buffs come in with the 12th ranked total offense & scoring offense. The Buffs are so bad on offense that Iowa State averages 40 more yards a game and 7 more points. Take out the first two games against CSU and Eastern Washington, the Buffs have averaged 13.8 yards/game. Over the last 4, they have averaged 11.1. Can you say regression? But there are still a few reasons you should sit through what might be the worst statistical game in the Big 12 this year. And no, I don't work for Mike Bohn and the CU athletic department trying to boost ticket sales for this game.

10) It's an 11:30 game so you will be home by 2ish with a ton of football remaining. You will definitely be back in time to catch the Oklahoma State vs Texas Tech game. You might have to debate between the Alabama vs LSU game but the SEC has disappointed this year in most of it's "supposed" marquee games.

9) The Buffs are offering a "Veterans Day" ticket deal where you and three buddies can get 4 tickets for 60 bucks. It is supposed to be about 60 degrees so why not? Again, you will have to make that choice between spending $10 a ticket to go see Zack and Miri Make a Porno or Role Models. That's a tough choice but I say do both. Skip the SEC game and be back in time for the Tech vs. Oklahoma State game.

8) This is the last game CU will have a decent chance to win without it being called an upset. Oklahoma State should beat the Buffs 59 - 7 and Nebraska should be favored by a a couple of touchdowns at home. The Buffs have won 2 games in the Dan Hawkins' era on the road. You will probably have to wait until next September to see the Buffs win another game.

7) The Buffs are favored by 10. That means Vegas thinks that the Buffs will score more than the 11 points they have been averaging the last four games. Could it be a 10 - 0 game? Come see the offensive explosion. 20 points here we come!

6) You might be witnessing the beginning of the end of the Dan Hawkins era. If CU loses this game, I expect mutiny, burning of coaches and six or seven web domains calling for the firing of Dan Hawkins. Domains would included,,,,,, None of these will be started or endorsed by The Ralphie Report.

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5) We finally get to see Darrell Scott be the featured back. Baring any ankle, overweight, or knee injuries that is. Their is about 45% chance that he will come down with turf toe this week and will get two carries. Welcome to the Kevin Moyd era!

4) Crowd watching. It is bound to be the most boisterous filled Folsom Field in a long time. I can see it now: Iowa State goes up 7 - 0, you will hear more boo birds and Hawkins bashing than anytime during the Hawkins' era. Students may start throwing things again. If you like a possible train wreck, you may be in luck this weekend.

3) Make a game out of it. That's what I been doing now to make the games more interesting, especially on offense and special teams. For example, the current first half prop bets are the following:

  • Over/Under 1 - The # of field goals Aric Goodman will miss in the first half
  • Yes or No - With a concussion, will Jameson Davis still be a better kicker than Aric Goodman
  • Over/Under 3 - The # of carries Darrell Scott gets in the first half
  • Over/Under 1 - The # of injuries Darrell Scott gets in the first half
  • Over/Under 2 - The # of bonehead plays Josh Smith makes in the first half
  • Over/Under 2 - The # of great plays Josh Smith makes in the half
  • Over/Under 1 - The # of interceptions Hawkins throws in a horrible spot, i.e. the goal line
  • Over/Under 10 - The # of quarterback rotations

2) No matter how bad the game is, you can leave at halftime a resume the tailgate and if the Buffs start coming back, you can still go back inside. That way, if the Buffs are laying the proverbial "egg" again, you feel better that you didn't watch it and you still enjoyed yourself.

1) The Buffs might actually win. Did I mention this one already?