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"Catch the Ball" Buff Bites

Colorado_mediumI am a fan of yours Josh Smith but you have no room to talk, catch the ball, don't make stupid decisions in the return game. You make that touchdown grab, you have all the right to complain. You dropped and their is the answer for why you aren't on the field:

"As you can see, that's what we did last year and I could never score doing that last year," Smith said. "It's like we're doing it while I'm playing this year. I'm still in those same effects in that it's harder to get going sitting on the sidelines watching.

"I just can't watch. I don't like it."

I think Darrell Scott gets it though:

"I would have to say I would need carries to warm up and build," Scott said. "But it's not about me. We have so many injuries to our offensive line this year it's ridiculous. I just think we need to finish strong and try to make it to a bowl game. Win that and just regroup."

Colorado_mediumIt's pretty amazing that Iowa State v. Colorado got picked up by a TV station considering Nebraska v. Kansas did not:

Other Big 12 TV slots for Saturday are: Kansas State at Missouri, 5pm FSN, Baylor at Texas, 10 a.m., FSN; Iowa State at Colorado, 11:30 p.m., Versus; Oklahoma at Texas A&M, 1:30 p.m., ABC; Oklahoma State at Texas Tech, 6 p.m., ABC.

Colorado_mediumAgain, we will see rotating quarterbacks against Iowa State. Which begs the question, what do the coaches see in Cody Hawkins that Tyler Hansen doesn't already have? I have pretty much had my last straw after that goal line situation where the Buffs run and end around and throw a pass from the two yard line that resulted in a interception. Hansen needs to be the quarterback and someone else needs to take over play calling. But BVaz said Hansen played horrible as well. I still think Hansen gives us a better chance to win with his greater athletic ability.

Colorado_mediumHow do you know the season isn't going your way at all? Your kickoff guy gets a concussion:

Place-kicker Jameson Davis said he will probably be held out of several practices this week as he recovers from a concussion suffered in Saturday's game, but he expects to play against Iowa State. Davis made the first field goal of his college career at Texas A&M and will continue to compete with Aric Goodman for the job.

How do you know that the season isn't going your way part two: Darrell Scott's 42 yard run was CU's longest play from scrimmage this year.

Colorado_mediumWelcome to the Darrell Scott era. Again the Buffs play the worst defense in the Big 12. The last four games the Buffs have played bad defenses: Kansas State (ranked 12th at the time), Missouri (ranked 11th at the time), Texas A&M (ranked 12th at the time) and upcoming Iowa State (ranked 12th at the time). The Buffs have averaged 11 points over that stretch. Those teams are giving up an average of 31.1 points/game this year. This team is most definitely rivaling the 2006 Buffs for worst CU offense ever.

Colorado_mediumFirst look at Iowa State by Kyle Ringo from the Daily Camera. How about this stat:

1,101 -- The number of days as of today since Iowa State last won a road game. The Cyclones have lost 15 consecutive times on the road dating back to Oct. 29, 2005 at Texas A&M.

Colorado_mediumWeekly watch of the Coaches Hot Seat dot com site has Dan Hawkins as #6 on the list of coaches who are sitting on the hottest seat, up a couple of spots since last week. Consider Fulmer should be gone soon, Hawkins will be in the 5 hole soon enough. Lose to Iowa State, can't you see it getting really hot in here?


Sorry there were no new Daily Jams last week, I was traveling all week and wasn't able to upload anything.  This week all is back to normal.  I know I just posted a Department of Eagles song a couple of days ago but I really love this remix that I found and had to share.

Department of Eagles - 1997 (Doctor Rosen Rosen Remix)