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State of the CUnion: Way Too Early Fan Address on 2009

It still very much stings, the whole year stings. My 7 - 5 projection seems like a distant memory. The 3 - 0 start feels ages ago. But it is never too early to look ahead. That is what Coach Hawkins told us to do in the middle of the season. He said once the Buffs heal up, this will be a different team. So over the next 280 days until kickoff against CSU and over the next 5 months until mid-April when the first spring game occurs, we will have plenty of time to debate what this team needs to do. Before we start our prognostication of next year and review of this year, what is on all of your wish lists next year? I figure, this year is too sensitive to talk about right now, so let's be optimistic right now and look toward the future. Tell us what you think about these questions:

1) Here is schedule: Sept. 5 - Colorado State at Invesco Field or Boulder, Sept. 12 - at Miami, Ohio, Sept. 19 - Wyoming, Sept. 26 - at West Virginia, Oct. 10 - at Texas, Oct. 17 - Kansas, Oct. 24 - at Kansas State, Oct. 31 - Missouri, Nov. 7 - Texas A&M, Nov. 14 - at Iowa State, Nov. 21 - at Oklahoma State and Nov. 27 or 28 - Nebraska

What do you think? Missouri,  West Virginia, Colorado State and Nebraska all will definitely lose quarterbacks. Texas and Kansas State may lose quarterbacks as well. Does the schedule set up nicely for the Buffs?

2) What needs immediate addressing on the coaching staff?

3) What unit on next year's team are you most concerned about?

4) True or False: Until the Buffs find another quarterback or get unbelievable improvement at the position, 6 wins will be the maximum regardless of who is surrounding him?

5) Is 2009 Dan Hawkins last year to show progress?

6) What is priority #1 this off-season?

7) What are you most excited to see next year? What are you most nervous about?


More to come, most definitely more to come. This offseason is going to be fun. We have a lot to discuss and a lot to analyze leading up to next year. It is "Judgment Year" for the Buffs on The Ralphie Report. It's the "No Excuses Tour."