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Live Game Thread: Colorado Buffaloes vs Nebraska Cornhuskers


Who: Colorado Buffaloes vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers
Where: Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Nebraska)
When: 1:30 pm MT
Line: Nebraska -18

Colorado_medium VS. Nebraska_medium

Radio: 850 KOA (Mark Johnson, Larry Zimmer and Charles Johnson)
Online Tracker: CU
Weather: Clear and sunny, 49 degrees at kickoff

Welcome to The Ralphie Report as the Buffs get ready to take on the hated Nebraska Cornhuskers. No need to go anywhere else today. The Ralphie Report has everything you need and we welcome you to weigh in with your live game analysis, critiques, observations and predictions as the Buffs battle the Huskers as the 2008 regular season comes to an end. Below you will find the "Buff Toolbox" that will have this week's previews and information about today's game. So if you are feeling a little under prepared for the match up, those links should get you caught up.

Check out the Oklahoma State thread to see how the live game thread works. Throw all your comments about today's game below and let's get this thing rolling. If you don't have an account, sign up here and enjoy all that our site has to offer.

Buff Tool Box
Everything to Get You Ready for Today's Game

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