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Gameday Buff Bites

I hate Nebraska. It is the most comical case of superiority complex that I have ever come across. That's all. Go BUFFS!

Colorado_mediumI love it. It is big George's responsibility to make Slauson own up today:

Dan Hawkins isn't into posting bulletin-board material or having his Colorado Buffaloes react to it.

But somehow the smack still filters through his team, and Hawkins concedes, "It's hard for them to always ignore it - just because of the world we live in."

Take the line from Nebraska right guard Matt Slauson, a Colorado Springs (Air Force Prep) product who this week told reporters the Buffs "just seem irrelevant to me."

Hawkins was right: It was difficult for George Hypolite to ignore. But then, not much ever sneaks past Hypolite.

"If we're irrelevant, we're irrelevant - if that's what we are, that's what we are," the CU senior defensive tackle said Wednesday. "That's his personal business. We'll have plenty of time to talk on Friday. I'm sure we'll get very acquainted.

"I'm sure there are plenty of people in Nebraska who think the same thing. The reality of the matter is, on Friday, we have a date. We'll be there, he'll be there. We'll see who's irrelevant. At the end of the game, maybe he's right, maybe we're right.

"That's football for you. But my momma always told me when I was a little kid, 'Be careful what you wish for. Sometimes you sign checks your (butt) can't cash.' We'll find out."

Colorado_mediumCU Football: What Went Wrong? Title says it all. Kensler of the Denver Post does a pretty good job capturing most of the things that have went wrong this year. Once again, though, the media fails to mention coaching as a problem as well.

Hopefully in about 10 hours we are saying CU Football: Still Alive!

Colorado_mediumRingo of the Daily Camera says what we have been saying about this rivalry/game:

They made it through most of those days without getting into a war of words with a team that doesn’t care to acknowledge the rivalry but sure talks like it’s playing in one.

Colorado_mediumGood quote by Hypolite about today's game and Colorado football. Hopefully he dominates in his last regular season collegiate game.

“At the end of the day we always want to play well because that’s what we do at the University of Colorado,” Hypolite said. “Wind, rain, sleet, snow, shine, good weather, bad weather, 10,000 fans, 70,000 fans, black uniforms on, white uniforms on.

“No matter what we play a good brand of football until the clock screams triple zeros.”

Colorado_mediumNeil Woelk on the game today:

But in enemy territory, CU is 0-4. A win today would not only be CU's first road win of the year, it would also be Dan Hawkins' first "signature" road win of his tenure in Boulder.

When you only have two wins on the road in your three year tenure, every victory away from Boulder will be considered a "signature."

Colorado_mediumA pretty good breakdown of the Buffs by It is always fun to see what others, especially Nebraska, think about the team.

Colorado_mediumB.G. Brooks of the Rocky Mountain News previews today's game. I think Hypolite hits the nail on the coffin with this one:

"We've got to force turnovers, give our offense easy opportunities on their side of the field," he said. "If we give them opportunities, they'll score some points and make the game easier for all of us."

The defense must win this game for the Buffs.