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Getting To Know The Huskers: Q&A with Corn Nation Part Two

Here is part two of the Ralphie Report's Q&A session with Corn Nation about the upcoming game this Friday. This Q&A is a must read as you will find the "word association" section hilarious. In case you missed part one, here it is. Thanks to Corn Blight and Husker Mike for taking the time to do this.

Ralphie-small_mediumHow do you see next year's team shaping up minus some pretty good players like Ganz and Swift? From my count based on the rivals depth chart (who knows how accurate that is, the Huskers will be losing 12 senior starters, Buffs lose 6, 5 in my count as I don't count Patrick Williams as a big loss).

Cornnation_m_mediumHusker Mike: Roy Helu will be solid as he's pretty much taken over at I-back already.  Menolik Holt will be a solid wide receiver, and the tight ends are improving quite a bit week by week.  Niles Paul shows signs of being a very good receiver as well.  The youngsters on the offensive line show promise as well.  On defense, we'll return Suh (hopefully), Turner, and Pierre Allen who stepped up well this season.  We went into this season with Phillip Dillard being the only linebacker with experience, so we'll be in similar shape next season, but with some help from some touted redshirt freshmen.  In the secondary, everybody except Armando Murillo returns.  And to replace Murillo, Anthony Blue should be back.  So I think NU has a chance to be solid; the big question will be at quarterback.

Cornnation_m_mediumCorn Blight: The term "starters" should be taken with a grain of salt this season. Pelini has played a lot of guys, so many are getting experience for next season. Obviously the biggest replacement will be Joe Ganz. He knows the offense well and it will be tough for next year's starter to duplicate his achievements.

One of the big keys will be next year's offensive line. We lose some seniors this season, some who will get some press, but we may be better next year due to a heavy rotation with younger guys getting experience.


Ralphie-small_mediumIs there anything that concerns you about the game Friday? 16 point favorites, the Nebraska offense is hot, Ganz minus a few pick sixes is really clicking, the defense seems to be holding their own and the infamous "black shirts" are back. Easy win right?

Cornnation_m_mediumHusker Mike: The NU/CU game has become rather wacky in recent years as both programs have been flirting with mediocrity.  Right now, I think NU SHOULD win the game based on how CU has played in recent weeks, though the stout performance by the Buffs against Okie State is concerning.

Cornnation_m_mediumCorn Blight: It appears that way, yes, but we know that Colorado will give us their best shot. The Buffs can say what they want about playing the game down, keeping everything level. That sounds good in an article, but we all know it's pure bullshit and that y'all want this game pretty badly, more than just wanting to get bowl eligible.

What concerns me is if we walk into this game thinking the same thing - easy win - and then come out flat allowing the Buffs to stay in the game.

Ralphie-small_mediumFinish these sentences...

Nebraska wins if they...

Cornnation_m_mediumHusker Mike: Hold onto the ball, manage the game, and take care of business.

Cornnation_m_mediumCorn Blight: Don't turn the ball over and the offense clicks on the ground and air.

Colorado wins if they...

Cornnation_m_mediumHusker Mike: Somehow get some offensive consistency and start controlling the clock.  That might take Nebraska out of their game.

Cornnation_m_mediumCorn Blight: Can find a way to stay in the game by forcing turnovers and with big plays from special teams.

Ralphie-small_mediumWord Association Time (Just 2 - 8 words for each). What comes to mind when you hear these things:

Ralphie-small_mediumColorado Fans -

Cornnation_m_mediumHusker Mike: America's version of European soccer hooligans.

Cornnation_m_mediumCorn Blight: fair weather classless hippies in training

Ralphie-small_mediumColorado Football -

Cornnation_m_mediumHusker Mike: Inconsistently decent program.

Cornnation_m_mediumCorn Blight: Should be better than it is right now

Ralphie-small_mediumBo Pelini -

Cornnation_m_mediumHusker Mike: Jury's still out.  Cautiously optimistic.

Cornnation_m_mediumCorn Blight: learning to be a head football coach

Ralphie-small_mediumDan Hawkins -

Cornnation_m_mediumHusker Mike: Light flaky crust, much like the CU football program.

Cornnation_m_mediumCorn Blight: slowly being swallowed by the culture of Boulder

Ralphie-small_medium62- 36 -

Cornnation_m_mediumHusker Mike: Apparently Colorado's greatest football accomplishment.

Cornnation_m_mediumCorn Blight: the beginning of the end of an era

Ralphie-small_mediumBill Callahan -

Cornnation_m_mediumHusker Mike: Decent o-line coach, overwhelmed as a head coach.

Cornnation_m_mediumCorn Blight: an insecure obsessive boob who shouldn't rise above a position coach at any level.

Ralphie-small_mediumFrank Solich -

Cornnation_m_mediumHusker Mike: Biggest flaw:  following Tom Osborne.

Cornnation_m_mediumCorn Blight: Doomed before he started.

Ralphie-small_mediumBoulder -

Cornnation_m_mediumHusker Mike: I hear the mountains are beautiful.

Cornnation_m_mediumCorn Blight: I saw Devo there in the 80's.

Ralphie-small_mediumRunza -

Cornnation_m_mediumHusker Mike: Can't wait to either down one or throw up.

Cornnation_m_mediumCorn Blight: Nebraska comfort food.

Ralphie-small_mediumOklahoma -

Cornnation_m_mediumHusker Mike: Best football program in the Big XII this year and this decade.

Cornnation_m_mediumCorn Blight: The team that both Nebraska and Colorado want to be.

Ralphie-small_mediumBill Snyder -

Cornnation_m_mediumHusker Mike: Miracle worker who might be out of magic.

Cornnation_m_mediumCorn Blight: Glad it's not my problem.

Ralphie-small_mediumThe impending doom situation that is OU and Texas in the BCS -

Cornnation_m_mediumHusker Mike: Let's wait a week or two on that one.

Cornnation_m_mediumCorn Blight: An anarchist's dream! Yeah, baby!

Ralphie-small_mediumColorado vs. Nebraska - Rivalry or Not?

Cornnation_m_mediumHusker Mike: Only because ABC says so.

Cornnation_m_mediumCorn Blight: This will only be a rivalry when Colorado fans begin to respect themselves and their team more than they enjoy hating us. I can't speak for all Husker fans but after putting a fair amount of thought into it, this is what bugs me the most about Buffs fans.

If Colorado wins, then Buffs fans are all over it. If they lose, then, well, you act like you don't care and start talking about the Denver Broncos. It's hard to respect people who don't stand for anything. There is certainly a mutual hatred, but it's mostly of the unhealthy variety.

In the end, Nebraska fans are not going to call you guys rivals because it appears to irritate you so much. That's too bad because you serve as a perfect "evil" to our "good".