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"This Week is Fun" Buff Bites

Colorado_mediumHuskers quarterback Joe Ganz looks to be fine for this Friday's game. He had an MRI on his shoulder last week. Here is what Pelini said on the subject:

"Joe is fine," Pelini said. "He's 100 percent. There are no issues with him. He could have practiced last week. We just chose to give him a day or two (off)."

The concern now is that Ganz has been hot lately and the Buffs may be without their two senior safeties, Daniel Dykes and Ryan Walters. Dykes will definitely be out and Walters hasn't practiced since he was hurt on the first play of the Oklahoma State game. The Buffs will have to be agressive to get pressure on Ganz

Colorado_mediumDo you ever notice that the best parts of these Denver Post and Rocky Mountain articles are in the bottom "Other" section. Some good news in there today:

Injured offensive linemen Ryan Miller and Max Tuioti-Mariner appear to be on track to get an extra year of eligibility. Hawkins said no official word has been given, but "we don't expect any issues there."

HUGE. If the Buffs can find a center, the line should be set for a long time.

Freshman quarterback Tyler Hansen has a role in this week's game plan, Hawkins said.

The more dynamic, the better on offense.

Colorado_mediumIn an event that will make Woodrow happy, Dan Hawkins voted OU above of Texas:

Colorado lost 38-14 in its Big 12 opener against the Longhorn, and hasn't played Oklahoma. But Buffs coach Dan Hawkins acknowledged he had the Sooners ranked higher.

"I think I put Oklahoma No. 1," Hawkins said. "When you get into the circle of I beat you and you beat (another team) and (the other team) beat me, it's kind of who's hottest in the moment, particularly when you have a team like Oklahoma, that did what they did Saturday."

Colorado_mediumGeorge Hypolite still wants to win this "rivalry" game even though Nebraska "is to good for CU" for them to consider it a "rivalry":

"Everybody's hair is up a little bit, and I think everybody is taking this seriously, as it needs to be, not only because it's Nebraska week, but most importantly because it's a football game we need to win," Hypolite said. "Plain and simple. It's a football game we need to win for our season, for our team, for everybody."

Jimmy Smith, the DB who picked off Joe Ganz pass last year as the Buffs went on to win and put 65 up on the Huskers, also embraces the "rivalry"

"You can't go near Dal Ward with red on," he said. "I have a pair of red shoes and they cuss me out every time I wear them. I have a red car and they cuss me out every time they see me in it. It's a big-time rivalry for us. I'm looking at it as a rivalry, but I'm also looking at it as I want to go to a bowl game. And that's more important to me right now."

Colorado_mediumThe Buffs cross country team finished 12th at NCAA's yesterday. It was the first time since 1992, the University of Colorado men's cross country team failed to finish in the top 10 at the NCAA Championships.

I was looking through my library, trying to find a song that fit well with this week's game when I stumbled upon this gem.  Really, why on earth does anyone live in Nebraska? - Woodrow

 Death Cab for Cutie - Why'd You Want to Live Here