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"Hawkins Should Be More Like McCartney" Buff Bites

Colorado_mediumYou know what, if the Buffs had a problem with being too amped and excited for games then I would agree with Hawkins treating the Nebraska game like any other game. But lets face it, this Buffs team looks flat and disinterested. Go watch that Nebraska YouTube video three or four posts down and see the excitement that even Gary Barnett's team played with. The Buffs don't play with a fire, that is for sure. This piece by Kyle Ringo maybe a little over-dramatized but it still describes the way the Buffs have looked this year:

The red letters on the locker room schedule are gone. The scout team isn’t covering its helmets with white tape or donning red jerseys. Players aren’t breathing fire.

In fact, the atmosphere around the Colorado football team seems downright sedate.

If loud speakers weren’t blaring the greatest hits of the Cornhusker marching band throughout practices, one would hardly know it’s Nebraska week.

Frankly this article makes me mad...If I were Dan Hawkins I would be doing everything that Bill McCartney did. Nebraska isn't just another game unless you make it that way. This is a team you recruit against, compete against and your fan base wants to win. Business as usual has gotten us nowhere except an uninspired team.

I don't want to sound too much like the Michigan and Ohio State fan bases when they say "so and so coach doesn't know what this rivalry means" but there is something to what McCartney stressed in the Nebraska game that brought excitement and awareness to the program.

Colorado_mediumAm I missing something with Buffs linebacker Shaun Mohler? This article is pretty negative about his play this year. Yes, he has had some learning moments but hasn't he been the Buffs most consistent linebacker this year? He is in my eyes.

Mohler expects to get booed in Nebraska as he was once a decommit from the Callahan regime that also sent us LB Doug Rippy and OL Bryce Givens among others. In fact, we might not be saying last years recruiting class was all that good if it wasn't for the firing of Callahan.

Colorado_mediumThis is the easiest joke/smack down opportunity anyone has laid up all year. The Longmont Times has a featured article about ineligible WR Markques Simas and how the Buffs can't wait to see how he helps them next year, assuming his gets his act together. The Times says:

It’s reached the point where offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich, who might miss Simas more than anyone, doesn’t even talk football with the receiver anymore. Helfirch only talks grades with him.

Thanks for the softy: I don't think Helfrich can talk offense either so he sticks to something he knows about: world politics, 4th grade math, the art of the swan dive and Chris Farley movies.

Colorado_mediumBuff commit and Colorado prep, S Parker Orms and his Wheat Ridge H.S. team will be playing in the Colorado 4A state championship. Orms is the stud on both sides of the ball.

Colorado_mediumKyle Ringo talks about the bowl situation if the Buffs were to win this Friday.

Colorado_mediumWhat has been the office buzz today? Other than everyone worried about the Huskers being 16 point favorites and many loving OU -7 this weekend against the Pokes, it is the impending doom of watching Cincinnati play the ACC in one BCS bowls and a rematch of the Penn State vs Oregon State blow out. Top that with the pure chaos that next week's BCS standings will bring to the Texas and OU fan bases. There are going to be a lot of disgruntled people come next Sunday.

I've been slacking lately on the TRR Daily Jams but will be back in action this week.  This song pretty much sums up how I felt Saturday night after OU took care of business - Woodrow

Air France - Collapsing at Your Doorstep