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It's Nebraska Week! Let the Hate Begin

Even if Coach Hawkins is saying this is "just another game" and totally making every CU fan mad by not approaching this game like Bill McCartney did, we at the Ralphie Report will try and make sure you a) are pumped, even if the players aren't and b) still hate the Huskers. So we like the guys over at Corn Nation, the Nebraska blog on SBNation, but they have quietly ridiculed the Buffs for most of the year. Are they correct in most of the things they say? Yes. I still hate it coming from the Nebraska camp. So in case you are feeling a little down this season and it is somehow impacting your undying hate of every little single thing Nebraska (except for you Buffs fans who live in Nebraska, you're cool), here is some little jabs that have been thrown by Corn Nation. Now don't go over there and flame. That is not cool and we don't condone it, but you are more than welcome to express your feelings here! I hate Nebraska. Ever since I was 10 years old and some bastard Nebraska fan broke my dad's back window and stole a bunch of stuff when we went out there to watch CU play the Fuskers. Well, huck'em all.

  • Corn Blight: It's in Boulder! Can the Hawk survive? This season can't get over fast enough for the few Buffs fans that care. Cowboys 42, Buffs 13
  • Big 12 Corn Cob of the Week: Colorado: Your best weapon in defeating Iowa State at home? Having the clock run out with Iowa State on your one yard line.
  • Colorado: F No offense, no defense. How's that contract extension for Dan Hawkins working out for you?
  • Colorado: C- Kudos to Dan Hawkins for finally accepting what the rest of college football knows about your son.
  • Corn Blight: Colorado State at Colorado in Denver.
    Husker Mike: I have no Hawk love
    Corn Blight: This game is interesting because of the high probabiity of riot.
    Husker Mike: What will that field look like after being covered for Obama the last week or so.That's half the fun of this game.
    Corn Blight: Made even worse because you know there will still be tons of anarchists who have discovered Boulder for the first time. The hippies will be more stoned, the punksters more enthused. Could be wild.
    Corn Blight: Colorado 31, CSU 24
    Corn Blight: 15 Arrests, 3 people hospitalized.
    Husker Mike: Rams 23, Buffies 21, Denver Police 38
    Corn Blight: We're assuming that they can scoop that much bullshit out of Denver before the game. Maybe it'll be postponed on account of a flash crap flood
  • My choice is Cody Hawkins. After yet another horrible start against the #105 defense in college football, your dad had to pull the redshirt off of Tyler Hansen to try and salvage the Buffaloes season. He'll probably be in trouble with your mom for doing it, but he had no choice.
  • Dan Hawkins
    ....whom I think is a good coach, but it's his third year, and Colorado is showing improvement? Where is it? He's in danger of being heated up, and it isn't helping matters that his son is mixed up in all of this. If this isn't a reason for the coaches kid to go somewhere else besides where daddy is coaching what is?