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Bye Week Buff Bites

Bye weeks are no fun. Yes, it is nice for the Buffs to have two weeks to prepare for Nebraska but I wish they would play this weekend. Something about either knowing that the Buffs are in a Bowl game or if we can start getting ready to talk about the 2009 campaign gets me excited. There is going to be a lot to talk about his offseason especially with the recruiting season ramping up. Mostly I think I speak for all of us, that we just want to turn the page on the regular season and conferene play and move on, whatever direction it may be. Don't get me wrong, though, I still want to beat down Nebraska!

Colorado_mediumA pretty good article by Neil Woelk of the Daily Camera claiming that RB Darrell Scott told a fellow writer that he will be back in Boulder next year. There has been rumors going around on a few message boards that had Smith and Scott leaving but was absolutely bogus. Darrell Scott's day will come, I am sure of it. Here is what Scott said in Ringo's article:

"I don't know what those people are talking about," Scott said. "Whatever they're talking about, it's bull. If I wasn't going to be here, I wouldn't have decided to come to Colorado. It's as simple as that. I'm here.

"That's what people do. They talk. They haven't had one snap of football and they talk, but what can I do? Just play and ignore all the criticism."

Colorado_mediumAccording to the Longmont Times, Tyler Hansen says he doesn't regret having agreed to remove his redshirt although he only "appeared in four games, two starts, and on 174 snaps." It was a necessary move at the time and would have been considered a success if the Buffs didn't blow the Texas A&M game. We are going to look back on that Texas A&M game and have a ton of regret about that one. How nice would it be if the Buffs were going for win #7 next week? A little less pressure.

Colorado_mediumSounds like Nebraksa's starting QB Joey Ganz will be fine according to his daddy. His shoulder MRI on revealed bruising. His dad will be giving him massages twice a day and a deep tissue rub down once a day to work out the tightness. His mom will prepare soup and hot pads when needed.

Colorado_mediumWhenever a Buff beats a Ram, it is always worth a mention. The CU women's basketball team destroyed the lady Rams 93 - 63 last night.

Colorado_mediumBuffs recruit and probably new #1 priority after Nick Kasa jetted to Florida, 4* DT Edward Nuckols from California, will be visiting Arizona this weekend. In the end, I think Nuckols will be a Buff which would be huge after losing senior DTs Hypolite and Nicholas this year.

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