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Early Big 12 Odds/Lines

How can the Buffs be 10 point favorites over anyone even a bad Iowa State team? The Buffs lost their leading rusher and have musical chairs going on at the quarterback position and the Buffs are favored by 10 points? The Buffs are lucky to score 10 and you know CU is good for a couple of big plays given up a game. Right now you have to load up on Iowa State with those odds. Here is the rest of the Big 12 according to


Colorado (-10) vs. Iowa State - that's a ton of points
Texas Tech (-4) vs. Oklahoma State - can Tech run the gauntlet? I think they get by OSU but Oklahoma is going to be a good one.
Oklahoma (-25) @ Texas A&M - OU, OU, OU...take the points.
Missouri (-25) vs Kansas State - who knows about Mizzou right now? Stay away from this one.
Kansas (-2.5) @ Nebraska - seems low. I like Kansas here.
Texas (-25.5) vs Baylor - look for Texas to take out their frustration on Baylor big time.

Pretty down Big 12 weekend. Tech against Oklahoma State will be good and then second best is Kansas and Nebraska.