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Rumor: Nebraska QB Joey Ganz Has MRI on Injured Shoulder

A rumor that is circulating on a lot of Nebraska boards and supposedly confirmed by a Nebraska radio station ESPN 1620 AM The Zone that Nebraska QB Joey Ganz hurt his shoulder in practice on Tuesday and was having an MRI today. He is thought to be held out of practice until next Tuesday or Wednesday. Rumor is that the MRI came back negative and that the injury is not serious enough to think Ganz will be out against Colorado next Friday. You never know though. It has not been confirmed whether it is his throwing shoulder or his non throwing shoulder. As I hear more updates, I will pass that along...

While your on those boards, check out the posts about "CU is not our rival" blah blah blah. Oh, you have to love the arrogance. Nebraska is too good for rivals except for OU. Its hard to have  rival that you don't play every year guys. And when you play them, get smoked.

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