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"I Hate Montana State" Buffs Bites

Colorado_mediumHas there ever been such a smaller school to ever wreak havoc on a BCS school? The Bobcats from Montana State beat the Buffs last night 85 - 82 in overtime. The Buffs got down by 15 at one point in the second half, showed some resolve and were in a position to win the game at the end of regulation until MSU's Bobby Howard scored with no time remaining on the clock. Howard led all scorers with 24 last night. The Buffs missed too many free throws, got out rebounded on the offensive end and couldn't defend against the three ball. But I am in agreement with Neil Woelk, this is the type of learning pains that a program is going to go through when you have only 2 upperclassmen on the roster. In the end, this is a good lesson for a young team. But let's not schedule Montana State for anything ever again.

Colorado_mediumHow about this non-conference schedule for Nebraska next year: Florida Atlantic, Louisiana-Lafayette, Virginia Tech and Arkansas State...Buffs isn't much better with West Virginia, Miami (OH), Wyoming and CSU. We deserve a break after this year though. Hopefully Arkansas State "A&M's" Nebraska next year.

Colorado_mediumPat Forde of ESPN says RB Darrell Scott was supposed to be "the freshman RB star" this year. That hasn't been the case for various reasons. Instead it has been RB  Jacquizz Rodgers from Oregon State. Scott's day is coming Mr. Forde.

Colorado_mediumWant an Oklahoman's perspective on Boulder, Folsom Field, Westminster, Denver, the E470 toll way, driving from DIA to Boulder, and other ramblings, read this. Sounds like this guy needs to get out more or out of Oklahoma!

Colorado_mediumOne player who has dissapointed this year has been LB Michael Sipili. Now Sipili is not practicing with the team:

Linebacker Michael Sipili is not practicing, and Dan Hawkins said he’s “out of the loop at this point.” The coach said Sipili’s absence is due to “a combination of things. We’re just trying to get him to focus right now.”

I don't remember a lot of years like this one. The Buffs have lost players to quitting, injuries, academics, illness, suspension, theft and now a lack of focus? Focus. Sometimes you wonder what's going on in that old locker room.