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Colorado H.S. Star 4* DE Nick Kasa Commits to Florida

Well, its the news we didn't want to hear. The Buffs #1 priority and #1 instate recruit has committed to the University of Florida. Gone is the guy we thought we terrorize Big 12 quarterbacks from the defensive end spot. Kasa brings a unique blend of size, speed and strength. He is 6'7" and obviously has the frame to add more weight to fit what Florida needs him to do. Kasa has family ties to the state of Florida and his parents verbally said they wouldn't mind moving down there. And the big thing is Florida is on a whole other level than the Buffs right now. Kasa will be playing for a national title team every year.  That is a hard thing to compete against. It would sell a lot of us.

It is now important for the Buffs to get a guy to fill the void of a pass rusher. Edward Nuckols, Colton Nash, Nosa Eguae and maybe even a DeAndre Coleman or Latu Heimuli become more important in signing or retaining but they are interior guys with the possible exception of Nash and Eguae. A guy like Kevin Green, who visited Boulder last weekend, would be a nice add but he seems enthralled with USC that he may commit the next time Pete Carroll says his name.

We need some good news...