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"Mark Kiszla Says What We All Feel" Buff Bites

Colorado_mediumI think Mark Kiszla and I are long lost brothers. He is speaking my language in this article from the Denver Post. If you read anything from Buff Bites today, read this. I think we all feel this way if you are totally honest with yourself. Here are my favorite points that he makes:

But enough with the baby steps already. Either his Buffs will mature into winners next year, or the doubts in Hawkins will begin to grow.

Hawkins, however, would be better served to concentrate more on recruiting than defeating the Cornhuskers. Why? The Buffaloes do not yet have the talent to compete in a league where there seems to be a Heisman Trophy candidate on every campus and scoreboard lights are constantly taxed to the max. The CU coach knows: In the Big 12, punting the football is no longer a viable option.

And my favorite:

Instead, it all quickly slipped away and turned into a pity party, with too much bummed-out talk about killer injuries and youthful mistakes.

Colorado_mediumRingo from the Daily Camera provides us a first look at Nebraska, which feels like a million years away. Not ready to start bashing the Huskers yet. Wish we were coming off a win. Ringo gives a couple of good stats:

113th -- Where the Cornhuskers rank nationally in turnover margin. They have committed 23 turnovers this season and have taken the ball away just 11 times, or once per game.

Colorado_mediumThe Big 12 will not fill its allotted 8 Bowl spots this year even if CU was to pull the big upset against Nebraska. It currently looks like only 6 teams will qualify: Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma State and Missouri.  Here is how Berry Tramel from The Oklahoman thinks it will shake out:

Texas Tech, OU, Texas, OSU and Missouri figure to jostle for the two BCS berths, the Cotton Bowl, the Holiday Bowl and the Alamo Bowl. That would likely send Nebraska to the Sun Bowl and Kansas to the Insight Bowl.

Colorado_mediumThe CU women's soccer team lost in the first round of the NCAA tournament, a shocker of sorts, 0 - 1, to South Dakota State University. Good season, though, for the lady Buffs as the played in the Big 12 Championship as well.

Colorado_mediumCU football home attendance was down for the Buffs compared to last year. When you have games like Eastern Washington, Kansas State and Iowa State at home, it is tough to match games at home against FSU, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma, which was last year's marquee games. 

Colorado_mediumA few Buff players reported that during the game, someone got into the locker room and stole a bunch of stuff that belonged to the players. Here is to hoping that it wasn't a teammate. You know, Tatum Bell is back in town and may have been him. Thank you for not fumbling yesterday. I still think Shanahan was crazy for trusting him late in the game after he was selling car phones two weeks ago at the Aurora Mall.

Colorado_mediumBuff Senior Safety Ryan Walters won the Buffalo Heart, an award which the fans fans vote on for the Buff who they believe displays heart, grit, determination and desire.