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October 30th - November 9th Recruiting News Wire

November 9th News

CU logoAccording to, 4* WR Diante Jackson  loved his visit to Colorado and seems to have developed a brotherly like connection to wide receiver Scotty McKnight. Diante has said that he has made up his mind and that "his decision is going to be a shocker for some people" and that he needed to call coach Mike Bellotti and the Oregon coaches to let them know how he feels about the process right now. He also said when he announces his choice, that will be his final decision. All of this according to writer Adam Munsterteiger.

CU logoHere are some pictures of the recruits from the Iowa State game

November 7th News

CU logo The Iowa State game is turning into a big recruiting weekend for the Buffs. Check out our part 1 and part 2 of the recruiting coverage. Visitors include 4* DT Latu Heimuli, 3* OL Nik Abele, 4* WR Diante Jackson, 5* Nick Kasa, 4*/3* LB Michael Clay, 4* DB Bradley McDougald and Athlete Deji Olatoye.

November 5th News

CU logo4* DT Edward Nuckols, according to Rivals, still considers CU in his top 2 along with Arizona State. Look for a decision after the season for Nuckols.

November 3rd News

CU logoIf the week could go any worse, 4* DE Keenan Graham from Las Vegas has committed to the UCLA Bruins. If you remember correctly, Graham loved CU and said it had more to offer than other schools he went to. Before Graham even took his official to UCLA, he committed which doesn't make a ton of sense. Maybe fUCLA will get waxed. They play Oregon State and are 8 point underdogs. Here is The Ralphie Report's review of Graham before he came to visit against Kansas State.

CU logoNothing official yet but I spoke to a Texas recruit who says that Emory Blake is going to commit his college days to Texas Tech. He was in Lubbock for the Tech vs. Texas game this weekend and no doubt it made an impression. Too bad Dan Hawkins couldn't lock this kid up but not a huge surprise he stayed in the Lone Star State.

October 30th News

CU logoCU recruit and Colorado prep, DE Nick Kasa, will play January 3rd in the US Army All American All Star Game.