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Thursday Buff Bites

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Colorado_mediumCBSsportsline previews the Oklahoma St vs. Colorado game. Look at the chart with the rushing stats. Scary in favor for the Pokes. The Kansas City Star also takes a look at the game this weekend:

Oklahoma State has only registered 11 sacks this season, an extremely low total, but the squad has posted 22 takeaways.

Colorado_mediumOh Nebraska. So they made a huge fuss about not handing out blackshirts until the players earn them. Every week you hear about this overrated blackshirt thing and every week, you hear Pelini won't hand them out. This week, after giving up 35 points, the coaches gave out the blackshirts. So much for earning those blackshirts.

Colorado_mediumI think may and finding a kicker don't go together. The Buffs should get a place kicker, not may.

CU special-teams coach Kent Riddle said the Buffs may try to include a place-kicker in the 2009 recruiting class. Whether it will be a scholarship player or a walk-on depends on overall roster needs, the coach said.

Colorado_mediumOklahoma State's TE Brandon Pettigrew is considered the top TE prospect in next year's NFL draft. Pettigrew has NFL size, going 6'6" 260 pounds.

Colorado_mediumThe Buffs are only expecting between 46,000 and 48,000 fans for Saturday's game. That is no good!

Colorado_mediumAnd just for fun, go to Tomahawk Nation, a Florida State blog to check on their little incident when the WR core got into a full on fight with a bunch of fraternity guys in the student union. Rumor has it that the fight started over a girl or something that happened at the club. Nice.

Those of you in Denver this weekend should check out The Republic Tigers and Bishop Allen at the Hi Dive on Saturday night.  It's my favorite venue in Denver as you get to see many up and coming acts in a very small and intimate venue.

Republic Tigers - Bulidings & Mountains