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Tuesday Buff Bites

Colorado_mediumIt looks like Cody Hawkins will get the start against Oklahoma State after his great second half performance. Let's temper our excitement, though, Iowa State has a horrible defense and Oklahoma State will be a different animal.

Colorado_mediumKyle Ringo of the Boulder Daily Camera describes how he feels about giving a coach like Ron Prince less than three years to build a program:

The guy got less than three years to build a winner in a conference as brutal as the Big 12. It is absurd, plain and simple.

Colorado_mediumWhat do you do when you are bored? Make ridiculous projections/claims like this:

here is also a scenario in which Colorado would win out and create a four-way tie at 4-4. The key outcomes for that to happen would be the Buffaloes over Oklahoma State and Nebraska, Kansas over Texas and Missouri and Iowa State over the Tigers.

Colorado_mediumIowa State head coach Gene Chizik makes it known that he is glad he took the Iowa State job and left Texas. Okay coach, we believe you.

Colorado_mediumAnother CU Buffs look-a-like thread posted on, an OSU site.  The Daniel Sanders pic comparison is really good this week.